What You Need to Know About Selfies

JULY 4, 2022
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At Central Casting you’re booked based off your look and your ability to portray a role. To get an idea of what you look like right now, Casting Directors may ask you to send a recent selfie along with your submission. Here’s what you need to know before snapping a selfie for a Casting Director.

Why do I need to send a selfie?

Casting Directors may ask for a selfie if they need to know what you look like right now or if they need to see you in certain wardrobe. While you should always upload photos to your online profile that reflect your current look, selfies can help Casting Directors sort through submissions they seek on our Jobs page. Also, some roles have extremely specific requirements, like when booking period pieces or doubles. For example, photo doubles often need to look like they could be an actor’s twin. By requesting a selfie of what you look like today, Casting Directors can determine if you have the exact hair length and color needed for the role.

Be sure to read job posts completely and carefully before submitting. If there are instructions to snap a quick selfie right now, don’t send in a professional headshot or photo from your last vacation; these cannot be used when considering you for the role.

What do you look for in a selfie?

The selfies you take don’t need to look professional, they just need to include your face, be taken in good lighting, and only feature you. It’s hard for Casting Directors to determine skin tone and hair color when photos are dark or blurry.

We all enjoy a fun filter, but those belong on social media and not casting photos. Remember, Casting Directors use these photos to determine if your current look fits the role they’re booking. Do not retouch, edit, or add filters to selfies or any other photos you send to Central Casting.

Can I take selfies on set?

We know it can be tempting to take a selfie on set, especially if you’re dressed in the perfect 1980s outfit from production. First, you should never take photos of any kind while on set. Second, you should only send photos in wardrobe that you own and have access to. When you submit for a role, you may be cast to work the next day and will be expected to show up to set in the wardrobe from your photo. So not only does taking selfies violate the no photos on set rule, you may also be taking photos in wardrobe that you don’t own.

Should I add selfies to my online profile?

While selfies help Casting Directors see what you look like right now, we recommend having a friend or family member take recent and additional photos to add to your online profile. This gives Casting Directors a clearer view of your appearance and looks more professional when sending photos to production. You should always have a recent headshot and full body shot (head to toe) in your profile.

Photos you upload to your online profile should:

  • Reflect your current look
  • Only feature you and include your face
  • Be well lit and in focus
  • Be taken against a white or solid background (if possible)
  • Be unedited/unfiltered

Photos you upload to your online profile should not:

  • Obscure your face
  • Feature other people
  • Be dark or blurry
  • Include Snapchat/Instagram or other social media filters

Now you’re ready the next time a Casting Director asks you to submit a selfie. To learn more about profile photos, check out our articles The Ultimate Photo Guide for Your Online Profile and 5 Things to Consider When Adding Additional Photos.

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