The Ultimate Photo Guide for Your Online Profile

FEBRUARY 1, 2021
Three Central Casting profile photo examples.

One of the many exciting features of Central Casting’s online self-service platform is the ability to upload photos to your online profile. You can set yourself up for success by adding current and additional pictures of your look, vehicles, and pets you are willing to work with. This guide will help you understand more about your profile photo and what Casting Directors are looking for.

If you haven’t claimed your profile yet, it’s easy! Just click the “log in” button on our website menu and select the “claim profile” option. You can learn more about our online self-service platform in our article How to Claim and Update Your Central Casting Online Profile.

Main profile photo

The main photo in your online profile is the picture you took at Central Casting during Talent Onboarding and cannot be deleted. But what if that photo is old and no longer represents what you look like? Don’t worry, our Casting Directors know that your profile photo may not reflect your current look, which is why we encourage you to fill out your profile completely with your accurate sizes and upload photos of what you look like right now.

Types of photos

Adding a variety of pictures to your profile shows Casting Directors the types of roles you can portray and the wardrobe you own. We recommend uploading unique and distinct looks. For example, if you have a formal look, you do not need to upload photos in multiple formal outfits. If you have a modern and period formal look, you can upload both because those are two distinct styles.

If you’re wondering what type of photos to upload, these are a good place to start:

Current head and full body shot

These pictures should accurately represent what you look like right now. Full body photos should be from head to toe.

If it’s common for you to change your facial hair or hairstyle frequently, be sure to include current photos of each look.

Different looks and wardrobe

Do you have a Santa suit? A pirate Halloween costume? Can portray 18tly? Costumes, specialty wardrobe, and unique looks are a great opportunity to show off the different types of roles you can portray. Please only upload photos of wardrobe that you own and have access to. If you can’t show up to set in it, you should not upload it to your profile.

Vehicles and pets

No matter the make, model, color, or condition, there’s a chance you can get booked with your vehicle. Add your cars to the “vehicles you own” portion of your profile, then upload photos in the “photographs” section. Just make sure photos are of your actual car and not dealership or ad images. Take photos at an angle so Casting Directors can clearly see the front and sides of your vehicle.

There may also be chances to work with your pet on set. When uploading pet photos, be sure the pet is yours and that picture clearly shows what they look like.

Profile photo guidelines

The profile photos you upload are one of the tools our Casting Directors use when booking their projects, so they need to accurately represent your appearance. Use the photo taken by Central Casting as an example of the type of pictures we are looking for. These images may also be shown to Assistant Directors, directors, and producers, so your photos should reflect how you want to be seen by production.

What we look for in profile photos:

  • Only feature you and include your face
  • Are well lit and in focus
  • Taken against a white or solid background (if possible)
  • Unaltered/unfiltered
  • Reflect your current look
Three people well lit against a white background.
Examples of good profile photos

What not to do/include in photos:

  • Do not wear sunglasses (eyeglasses are ok), hats, or other items that obscure your face (unless it’s part of the look, i.e. a fedora for your 1950s wardrobe)
  • Photos should not include Instagram, Snapchat, other filters, or be touched up in any way
  • Images with other people
  • Dark or blurry pictures
A man wearing sunglasses, a dark photo of a woman, and a photo of a woman with filters.
Examples of what not to do in profile photos

Once your photos are ready, you can upload them in the “photographs” section of your online profile. Don’t forget to update when your look changes!

Need inspiration on additional photos? You can find information about wardrobe essentials, period looks, and other style guides in our wardrobe article category.

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