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Our article categories will help you find all the information you need to be a successful Background Actor.

News & Updates

Want to stay informed about our new casting features and what projects we’re working on? Bookmark this page so you’re always up to date with the latest from Central Casting.

Best You

We want to help you be successful, whether you want to be a professional Background Actor or an expert Stand-In. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to impressing on set.

Industry Essentials

There’s a lot to know about being a Background Actor, and even more about the entertainment industry itself. Become an expert on how your favorite movies and TV shows get made with these industry essentials.

How to Become a Background Actor

Our How to Become a Background Actor series takes an in-depth look at everything you need to know to become a Background Actor with Central Casting.

Casting Directors

Every day our Casting Directors put hundreds of people on set. They share stories of casting iconic scenes, how the casting process works, and how you can set yourself up for success.

Assistant Directors

The Assistant Director is often the crew member responsible for Background Actors on set. Hear from the industry’s leading AD’s about their time on set, what makes a successful Background Actor, and what they look for in Stand-Ins.


A Stand-In takes the place of a principal actor for rehearsals, camera blocking, and lighting setups. Learn more about the different types of Stand-Ins, what they do, and how you can book Stand-Ins jobs.


Central Casting registers babies 15 days old to teenagers 17 years old. Find out how to register your minor and get them background acting work.


When you register with Central Casting, we become your employer and, for most projects, are responsible for paying you. From filling out your voucher to getting your paycheck, we’ve got all your payroll questions covered.


A big part of being a Background Actor is putting together your wardrobe for set. Here are some tips to help you get the perfect look.

Central Cast

Take a look at the behind-the-scenes work that went into casting Background Actors, Stand-Ins, and doubles for some of Hollywood’s biggest movies and TV shows.

Hollywood History

Central Casting was founded in 1925, around the time the film industry really started to take off. Learn more about our rich history and stories about how the entertainment industry has evolved over the last century.

Celebrity Alumni

Throughout Central Casting’s 90 plus year history, many successful actors and actresses have registered with us on their way to stardom. Who knows, you may be the next star straight out of Central Casting.