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Update sizes in your online profile

Has it been a while since you updated your sizes? Have you not yet populated sizes in your online profile? Casting Directors often use these measurements when booking their shows. If you don’t have your sizes or have inaccurate measurements in your profile, you may be missing out on job opportunities. Learn more.

Central Casting’s new text message number – it’s shorter and always the same!

Text messages from Central Casting will be sent from a new number. It’s shorter – only 5 digits, and it’s always the same 5-digit number. You can be assured that all messages you receive from this number are from us here at Central Casting. We know some of our Background Actors had some difficulty receiving text messages, this new number will help ensure all messages are delivered.

To respond to availability inquiries, you still must click the provided link or log in to your online profile. And of course if you’re going to be late or need to cancel, you must call your Central Casting office. This new text number does not accept replies.

Direct Deposit for Background Actors

Central Casting is excited to announce a direct deposit payment option for Background Actors! If you’d like to be paid by direct deposit instead of paper checks, you can sign up through myEP once then will receive all payment via direct deposit for productions where Central Casting provides casting services and Entertainment Partners handles payroll. Learn More.

Tech Support Chat

Our Tech Support Chat is now available between 6am-6pm PT for technical help with your online profile, email updates, required training questions (Los Angeles and New York only), and more. Note: technical support and casting are separate. If you need to cancel, are going to be late, have questions about your booking, or other casting related inquiries, you must contact your Central Casting office.

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