Welcome to Central Casting, the leading Background Actors casting company in the United States. Central Casting has provided the entertainment industry with Background Actors for more than 90 years. Our offices in Los Angeles, New York, Georgia, and Louisiana offer a full range of background services for every type of production. Whether you’re a producer looking for background or a Background Actor looking for work, Central Casting has the experience and expertise to meet all your background needs.

Central Casting has been the recognized leader in casting for Background Actors since its inception in 1925. Over the years there have been many changes in the entertainment industry, but Central Casting has always remained at the forefront of background casting. Today, Central Casting is a division of Entertainment Partners, the largest provider of entertainment industry services and solutions in the U.S. This means complete background casting and payroll services are under one roof.

From the moment an actor walks in the door through receipt of the paycheck, Central Casting delivers excellence every step of the way.


By 1922, there were an estimated 30,000 Background Actors in LA and not nearly enough jobs to go around. With no system in place to regulate Background Actors, many people looking to break into the industry were exploited. To restore Hollywood’s image, Will Hays, the president of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America, formed the Central Casting Corporation in 1925.

For producers, the creation of Central Casting allowed them to continue operating without government interference while providing a consistent stream of Background Actors for their films. For Background Actors, Central Casting provided a road map to working as an extra in Hollywood.

Central Casting was there for the beginning of the entertainment industry through the highs of the Golden Age of Hollywood and is still providing Background Actors, Stand-Ins, doubles and other roles for some of the biggest movies and TV shows.


Central Casting’s Background Actors have appeared in Hollywood’s biggest movies and TV shows.
Here are some of the shows we’re currently casting and a look at some of the projects we’ve cast throughout our history.

The Idea of You.
The Girls on the Bus.
Law and Order: SVU.
The Rookie.
All American.
Diarra From Detroit.
Extended Family.
FBI: Most Wanted.
Genius: MLK/X.
Five Nights at Freddy's.
Lessons in Chemistry.
The Other Black Girl.
American Horror Story Delicate.
The Changeling.
The Walking Dead: Dead City.
Sitting in Bars with Cake.
The Morning Show.
Happiness for Beginners.
The Outlaws.
Pretty Freekin Scary.
The Crowded Room.
American Born Chinese.
The Last Thing He Told Me.
Erin and Aaron.
The Crossover.
Tiny Beautiful Things.
Fatal Attraction.
Raising Kanan.
Saint X.
The Idol.
Villains of Valley View.
Creed 3.
Your Place or Mine.
Daisy Jones & the Six.
Star Trek: Picard.
History of the World Pt. 2.
Night Court.
We Have a Ghost.
The Upshaws.
The Rookie: Feds.
That '90s Show.
Criminal Minds Evolution.
Godfather of Harlem.
Not Dead Yet.
Quantum Leap.
True Lies.
Will Trent.
Ms. Marvel.
Tom Swift.
Father of the Bride.
Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion.
For All Mankind.
First Kill.
All Rise.
Jerry and Marge Go Large.
The Old Man.
Only Murders in the Building.
Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.
Senior Year.
The Endgame.
Killing It.
Lincoln Lawyer.
Long Slow Exhale.
Game Theory with Bomani Jones.
Law and Order.
How I Met Your Father.
Last Days of Ptolemy Grey.
Single Drunk Female.
After Party.
Ray Donovan.
Shining Vale.
Spider-Man: No Way Home.
American Auto.
Sex Lives of College Girls.
The Resident.
That Girl Lay Lay.
Ordinary Joe.
Bob Hearts Abishola.
The Wonder Years.
Leverage Redemption.
Dr. Death.
Lisey's Story.
Flatbush Misdemeanors.
Falcon and the Winder Soldier.
Law and Order: Organized Crime.
Home Economics.
Coming 2 America.
The Secrets of Sulphur Springs.
The Equalizer.
Greys Anatomy.
This Is Us.
The Mandalorian.
911 Lonestar.
Evil Eye.
Cobra Kai.
Filthy Rich.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
Danger Force.
Never Have I Ever.
Power Book II: Ghost.
Raven's Home.
The Photograph.
Raising Dion.
Little America.
Young Sheldon.
Station 19.
Mayans MC.
Amazing Stories.
New Amsterdam.
The Conners.
Seal Team.
Blue Bloods.
Captain Marvel.
Avengers: Infinity War.
Mythic Quest.
The Neighborhood.
Avengers: Endgame.
The Lovebirds.
Good Trouble.
Troop Zero.
American Made.
Ant Man & the Wasp.
Black and Blue.
Black Box.
Dr. Birds Advice for Sad Poets.
Deepwater Horizon.
Girls Trip.
Lady and the Tramp.
Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase.
On Becoming a God in Central Florida.
The Passage.
The Dirt.
The Gifted.
The Hunt.
Thor: Ragnarok.
Jurassic World.
The Cat and the Canary.
My Best Girl.
Big City.
Docks of New York.
Last Command.
Lights of New York.
Our Dancing Daughters.
Show People.
The Cameraman.
The Crowd.
The Patriot.
The Patsy.
Broadway Melody.
Iron Mask.
Saturday Night Kid.
Sunny Side Up.
The Taming of the Shrew.
All Quiet on the Western Front.
The Public Enemy.
The Invisible Man.
King King.
Little Women.
It Happened One Night.
A Star is Born.
The Bride of Frankenstein.
Brining Up Baby.
Too Hot to Handle.
Imitation of Life.
The Wuthering Heights.
His Girl Friday.
Philadelphia Story.
Pride and Prejudice.
Shop Around the Corner.
Citizen Kane.
Sergeant York.
Mildred Pierce.
The Big Sleep.
Its a Wonderful Life.
Easter Parade.
Romance on the High Seas.
Stratton Story.
Sunset Blvd.
A Streetcar Named Desire.
My Cousin Rachel.
Singin In The Rain.
Julius Caesar.
White Christmas.
East of Eden.
To Catch a Thief.
Forbidden Planet.
Ten Commandments.
Incredible Shrinking Man.
Alias Jesse James.
The Music Man.
Critics Choice.
Dead Ringer.
My Fair Lady.
Robin and the 7 Hoods.
Bonnie and Clyde.
Wait Until Dark.
Funny Girl.
Hello Dolly.
The Poseidon Adventure.
High Anxiety.
Cat From Outer Space.
Dallas .
Return From Witch Mountain.
Battlestar Galactica.
Escape From Alcatraz.
Beverly Hills Cop.
Murder She Wrote.
Clue .
Growing Pains.
Rocky IV.
Die Hard.
Family Matters.
Ghostbusters II.
Back to the Future 3.
Pretty Woman.
Home Improvement.
Batman Returns.
Mad About You.
Living Single.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
Sister, Sister.
Apollo 13.
As Good as It Gets.
Practical Magic.
The Sopranos.
According to Jim.
Legally Blonde.
The Shield.
Criminal Minds.
Ghost Whisperer.
How I Met Your Mother.
Memoirs of A Geisha.
Hannah Montana.
The Big Bang Theory.
Mad Men.
Iron Man.
White Collar.
Mile and Molly.
Kickin It.
Lab Rats.
Begin Again.
Draft Day.
The Astronaut Wives Club.
Bella and the Bulldogs.
Bad Moms.
Big Sick.
Jack Reacher.
Magnificient 7.
AHS: Cult.
American Made.
Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.
I Tonya.
Lady Bird.
Seven Seconds.

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Our Team

Jennifer Bender, Executive Vice President.
Adam Hochfeld, Vice President.
Chris Bustard, Vice President.
Mandy Glasser, Vice President.
Richard Teague, Senior Director.
George Moss, Director.
Toni Avalos, Director.
Jeni Vargas, Senior Manager.
Layla Lazarov, Senior Manager.
Oliver Knight, Senior Manager.
Brittany Gischner, Manager.
Charles Busch, Manager.
Elana Staehli, Client Relations Manager.
Justin Mann, Manager.
Laura Strobl, Manager.
Sasha Lalanne, Associate Manager.
Adinah R., Senior Talent Relations Specialist.
Alex C., Casting Director.
Alexis V., Assistant.
Alyssa J., Casting Director.
Amanda J., Casting Director.
Annabeth M., Casting Director.
Anne R., Casting Director.
Ashley F., Assistant Casting Coordinator.
Athenas A., Talent Relations Coordinator.
Beau D., Assistant.
Brandi H., Casting Director.
Brayden P., Assistant.
Breanna M., Assistant.
Brenda S., Assistant.
Caroline S., Casting Coordinator.
Celena R., Casting Director.
Christian P., Casting Director.
Claire B., Casting Director.
Corinne B., Assistant.
Courtney J., Executive Assistant.
Dave B., Website Manager.
David N., Assistant.
Deborah S., Assistant.
Erica W., Casting Director.
Grace F., Assistant.
Greg R., Casting Director.
Jack S., Art Director.
Jacob P., Casting Coordinator.
Jasmine L., Assistant.
Jason O., Casting Director.
Jean-Claude C., Talent Onboarding Specialist.
Jeffrey W., Casting Director.
Jenny J., Casting Director.
Jessica M., Casting Director.
Jessica P., Casting Coordinator.
Jessica P., Casting Director.
Johnny S., Assistant Casting Coordinator.
Jordan R., Assistant.
Josh E., Casting Director.
Josh G., Casting Director.
Julia G., Assistant.
Kainoa M., Casting Director.
Kayleigh N., Assistant Casting Coordinator.
Keith R., Casting Director.
Kira R., Casting Director.
Kristan B., Casting Director.
Lavender R, Assistant.
Lejla K., Assistant Casting Coordinator.
Madeleine B., Assistant.
Margaret B., Talent Onboarding Specialist.
Maria S., Casting Coordinator.
Martha M., Human Resources Director.
Matthew D., Assistant.
MaryMargaret O., Casting Director.
Meghan D., Producer.
Melissa C., Casting Director.
Melissa M., Casting Director.
Miguel M., Assistant.
Naomi P., Casting Director.
Nicole D., Casting Director.
Olivia D., Assistant Casting Coordinator.
Priscilla A., Talent Onboarding Specialist.
Rebecca V., Assistant Casting Coordinator.
Rowena R., Talent Onboarding Specialist.
Ryan B., Assistant Casting Coordinator.
Sandy C., Assistant.
Sannah K., Assistant Casting Coordinator.
Sara T., Assistant.
Sara V., Casting Director.
Sean C., Casting Coordinator.
Sehra W., Casting Director.
Selima S., Assistant Casting Coordinator.
Serena G., Assistant.
Shannon A., Casting Director.
Shirley C., Assistant.
Stefan M., Business Dev Assistant.
Stephanie A., Assistant.
Stephanie H., Casting Director.
Taylor P., Casting Director.
Terrence T., Assistant Casting Coordinator.
Ty W., Casting Coordinator.
Waleed A., Casting Director.
Yancy E., Casting Director.

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