5 Things to Consider When Adding Additional Photos

AUGUST 30, 2021
Examples of quality additional photos.

One of the ways Casting Directors determine if you are the right fit for a role is by checking the photos in your online profile. Keeping your photos up-to-date and adding pictures of you in different looks can set you up for success as a Central Casting Background Actor. Before uploading new photos, here are five questions you should consider.

Am I uploading quality photos?

The first thing to know about uploading additional photos is quality over quantity. Multiple photos in the same look will only clutter your profile. Instead, it's best to stick to well-lit photos in unique and distinct looks that include your face, only feature you, and do not contain filters. Pictures that don't accurately represent your look, are dark or blurry, contain other people, or have been retouched/altered should not be uploaded to your online profile.

Has your look changed?

It's important to upload photos of your current look to your online profile. Don't forget to delete old photos and add new ones when you alter your appearance, like when cutting or dyeing your hair or changing your facial hair.

When you update your photos, also review your profile information to make sure it matches your current look. Casting Directors use these details when searching our casting platform, so the more accurate information you fill out, the more likely you are to show up in searches for roles you fit.

Do you have multiple looks?

Your online profile is a great tool to show Central Casting the different types of looks you can portray. A good rule of thumb when uploading additional photos is to add distinct and unique looks. For example, adding a photo of you in a casual, business, and formal look gives Casting Directors an idea of the range of roles you can portray. If you choose to add these looks to your profile, you only need to upload one of each, not multiple photos in similar wardrobe. If Casting Directors need to see you in different clothing from that look, they will likely ask you to send a current selfie with your submission.

Do you have specialty wardrobe?

Part of your responsibility as a Background Actor is bringing your own wardrobe to set. Sometimes these outfits will be the modern clothes you wear every day and sometimes you'll be asked to bring in specialty styles or costumes.

Do you own a Santa Suit? Moonlight as Elvis? Have outfits from different time periods? Uploading photos of yourself in specialty wardrobe not only shows Casting Directors that you can portray a role, but that you own and have access to the required clothing. Remember, you should never add photos to your online profile of wardrobe provided by production. First, you should never take photos on set. Second, if you're booked based off your wardrobe, you will be expected to show up to set in that look, so make sure to only upload photos of wardrobe you own.

Do you have a car you want to work with?

Central Casting often books Background Actors to work with their cars on movies and TV shows. No matter what make, model, or condition your car is in, there's a chance you can get booked with it. Add your cars to the "vehicles you own" portion of your profile, then upload photos in the "photographs" section. Just make sure photos are of your actual car and not dealership or advertisement images.

To learn more about optimizing your online profile, read through our articles The Ultimate Photo Guide for Your Online Profile and 7 Opportunities to Update Your Online Profile.

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