Central Casting’s SmartVoucher is a digital voucher built with production in mind and designed to meet the needs of your project. SmartVoucher fully integrates with our online casting platform, creating a seamless experience from the hiring of Background Actors to the receipt of paycheck. Your production can benefit from SmartVoucher by:

  • Automatically logging Background Actors’ hours and calculating pay
  • Saving time and improving accuracy by eliminating paper heavy payment processes
  • Simplifying review, approval, and submission from accounting to payroll
  • Seamlessly integrating with Central Casting’s industry-leading casting platform
  • Protecting PII with military-grade security and privacy protections
  • Generating end-of-day breakdowns with the click of a button
  • Having your payroll processed by the industry’s most trusted, experienced payroll provider

Checking in a call with 50 Background Actors? This may take one person up to 30 minutes with paper vouchers. With SmartVoucher’s simple check-in and bulk editing, you can check everyone in in less than a minute.

Wrapping a workday with 100 background? Manual processes and time spent correcting inconsistencies on paper vouchers can take an hour after wrap, creating additional overtime for Background Actors. When using SmartVoucher, you can wrap all background in less than five minutes.

  • The speed and efficiency of SmartVoucher has made our show's end of the day wrap out a breeze. Across the board, SmartVoucher has been preferred by every department in production. Going forward, I will recommend every production I'm on uses SmartVoucher.
  • I love SmartVoucher. I now cringe whenever I see paper vouchers.
  • SmartVoucher is how I wish vouchers had always been done. It's kind of funny to me that we ever did it any other way, simply because it's so clean and user friendly and makes that part of my job so much easier. It takes a lot of stress out of that part of my job.
  • Very easy to use.
  • I was hesitant to use SmartVoucher because change is hard, but now that I have, I could never go back to paper vouchers. Saves us so much time and money!

For additional details, pricing, or to request a demo, contact:

Chris Bustard, Director.

Chris Bustard

Los Angeles


George Moss, Senior Manager.

George Moss

New York


Adam Hochfeld, Director.

Adam Hochfeld

Georgia / Louisiana


For further SmartVoucher support, contact our Technical Support team at 855.500.2055 or helpme@centralcasting.com