Virtual Visiting Round Up: Fall 2023

DECEMBER 25, 2023
A Background Actor responding to a casting message.

During Virtual Visiting, Central Casting's Background Actors have the opportunity to meet with and ask questions to a panel of our Casting Directors. To help you be professional, we wanted to share some of the most asked questions during our fall sessions.

When responding to a job post or additional questions in a casting message, how much detail should we go into?

Whether it's a job post or casting message, be sure to read the instructions fully and carefully before responding. The Casting Director will include specific directions for how to respond, like listing applicable props or to detail your experience. For example, if a job post simply asks you to list the hockey equipment you own, you don't need to go into detail about the colors or brands, just list your items. But if a post asks you to give a detailed description of your hockey experience, you should include details like teams you played on, how long you were on that team, league division or competition level, any accolades you received, and any relevant information that speaks to your hockey skill level.

Keep in mind, Casting Directors can receive a high volume of submissions, whether you are providing a short list or a detailed description, please keep your submission to just the relevant information requested.

How do I get cast as a double?

Central Casting books a variety of doubles who perform specific functions on set, including photo doubles (who need to resemble an actor as closely as possible), body doubles (who can replace principal actors to perform special skills, for nude scenes, or second unit filming), hand doubles (used for insert shots), and minor doubles (who replace minor principal actors).

If you're interested in working as a double, the best thing you can do is fill out your online profile with as much accurate information as possible. When booking doubles, Casting Directors often search our casting platform for specific details, like height, weight, and hair color. Depending on the type of double, they may also search for special skills and abilities. By including this information in your profile, you can increase your chances of showing up in searches for roles you fit. It's extremely important to be honest about your skills and proficiency level. If you're booked based on this information, you will be expected to perform that skill to that level on set.

When booking doubles, a Casting Director may send you an availability inquiry with information about the booking, like dates, location, and role details. Please read this message carefully before responding. They may also post double roles on our Jobs page. In these posts, Casting Directors will include details about and requirements for the role. If you fit the description, follow the instructions to submit and include any additional information the Casting Director has asked for.

I change my hair color often and can go between blonde, blue, purple, and other colors regularly. How do I let Casting Directors know my hair color at any given time?

Casting Directors recommend updating your profile photos and look information any time your look changes. So if you're changing your hair color regularly, you should update your profile every time you do, even if that's every week.

You can upload new photos in the "Photographs" section of your online profile and can update your hair color by going to the "Appearance" tab and scrolling to the "Hair Color" field.

Casting Directors stress removing photos and profile information that no longer reflect your current look. If you have photos in your profile with three different hair colors and multiple colors listed in the hair color field, they won't know which is a reflection of how you look right now. By adding current photos and removing outdated ones, you can help Casting Directors find you when booking their shows.

Wrapping up 2023

There have been many questions asked throughout our Virtual Visiting sessions this year and answers often revolve around the same theme: be your own best advocate. Keeping your profile photos and appearance information up to date, responding to availability inquiries consistently and accurately, being on time to set, and remaining present and professional throughout the workday will set you up for success as a Central Casting Background Actor.

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