Virtual Visiting Round Up: Spring 2023

JUNE 26, 2023
A Background Actor learning about job opportunities during Virtual Visiting.

Our Virtual Visiting sessions give Background Actors the opportunity to meet with and ask questions to a panel of our Casting Directors. Since reservations for Virtual Visiting are limited, we wanted to share some of the most asked questions during our spring sessions to help you succeed on set.

What can I do now to be prepared when more job opportunities start to become available?

This is a really great opportunity to look through your online profile to make sure your information and photos are up to date. Casting Directors stress that sizes are extremely important and are used often when casting Background Actors. Not only is it essential to have your sizes, but they need to be accurate, not just your best guess. Often, Casting Directors need to find background who fit wardrobe production already has or they need to find a double to match the principal actor exactly. If you're not sure how to get your accurate sizes, check out our easy to follow tutorials on the Measurements page.

Also, don't forget to fill out the portrayable age field in the Key Information section of your online profile. We know you can likely portray multiple age ranges, but pick the one that best describes your current look. Casting Directors often search multiple ranges when casting; if you don't fill out anything, you may be missing out on roles you're perfect for.

Keeping your profile updated with a current headshot, full body shot, and additional looks you can portray is key to being successful with Central Casting. These self-uploaded photos are how Casting Directors determine if you can portray a role, which is why we recommend uploading new photos and deleting outdated photos any time your look changes. You can learn more about profile photos in our article The Ultimate Photo Guide for Your Online Profile.

I don't have any Stand-In experience, are there any chances for someone with no experience to get booked?

While it's true that many Stand-Ins are hired for their experience and professionalism, there are still chances to get booked if you've never worked as a Stand-in before. Some productions look for Stand-Ins who closely match the look of a principal actor and will opt to hire someone who matches regardless of their experience. There may also be instances when production needs to upgrade a Background Actor to a Stand-In on set. Being professional, paying attention, and following directions can help lead to these opportunities. Please do not ask production to be upgraded, just be present and prepared if an opportunity arises.

Once you do get Stand-In experience, make a Stand-In resume to upload to your online profile. Your resume should include the name of the project, how long you worked on that project, the names of the actor you stood in for (or if it was Utility), and whether the production was single or multi-cam. In addition to uploading to your online profile, Casting Directors recommend having your Stand-In resume easily available to send in a submission or as part of an availability inquiry.

I have a lot of open availability. Now that there are more opportunities for same-day rush calls, how can I let Casting Directors know I'm available and want to work?

When booking rush calls, Casting Directors will either send availability inquiries to Background Actors who fit the requirements for the role or post to our Jobs page. Rush calls and replacements are often made overnight and in the early morning and answering or submitting quickly are key in booking these roles. If you're not in the habit of checking our Jobs page, we recommend bookmarking the page and checking back regularly.

Be sure to read the message or post carefully to ensure you fit the description and can get to set in the required time. Please be honest when responding; answering as available when you can't make it to set or don't have the required wardrobe doesn't help you the Casting Director or production.

When booking rush calls, a Casting Director may call you directly with details. Keep a pen and paper handy to write down all the information given, like project name, role, shoot location, wardrobe details, and the name of the Casting Director who booked you.

Check out our previous Virtual Visiting Round Ups for more Casting Directors tips and advice on working as a Background Actor with Central Casting.

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