Do’s and Don’ts for Optimizing Your Online Profile

OCTOBER 3, 2022
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Your Central Casting online profile is one of the best tools you can use to get booked as a Background Actor. Our Casting Directors use the information in your profile when casting their shows; the more accurate information you add, the easier it is for them to determine the types of roles you can portray. To set yourself up for success, here are some best practices to keep in mind for maintaining your online profile.

Do add your current sizes

Knowing your accurate sizes is an essential part of working with Central Casting. Casting Directors use your sizes when needing to book Stand-Ins and doubles who can match a principal actor. They’re also used when production provides wardrobe. If you don’t add this information to your online profile, Casting Directors can’t find you in searches when booking these types of roles. If you need help learning how to take accurate sizes, check out the easy tutorial videos on our Measurements page.

Do add as much vehicle information as possible

If you’re willing to work with your vehicle and you have it insured, then there’s a chance you can get cast with it. We book all kinds of cars, from modern styles in good condition to older models that have seen better days. To add vehicles to your profile, go to the “vehicles you own” section and include as much information about your car/truck/motorcycle/etc. as you can.

When adding photos of vehicles to your online profile, please only upload photos of your actual car, not dealership or ad photos. If possible, take pictures at an angle where the front and side of your vehicle are clearly visible.

Do add your playing age

While Casting Directors use the photos in your profile to determine if you can portray a certain age, you can help them find you in searches by filling out your profile’s “playing age” field. Please be honest when choosing your playing age and ask someone you trust to help you figure it out if you’re not sure. A playing age does not lock you in to roles only in that range, but is another tool for Casting Directors when they’re booking specific looks.

Do upload quality current photos

When it comes to adding pictures to your online profile, quality is key. That’s why we recommend adding photos that represent what you look like right now, are well-lit, taken against a white or solid background, clearly show your face, and only feature you. Also, please only upload photos of yourself in portrait (vertical) orientation. This makes it easier for Casting Directors to clearly see your look. Be sure to read through our profile photo guide for more tips on what we’re looking for.

Don’t add multiple photos of the same look

Having access to your online profile and the ability to upload photos is exciting, but keep in mind it’s a tool Casting Directors use when considering you for work. When choosing photos to add, think unique and distinct looks. For example, you may have five really great formal outfits, but you do not need to upload photos in each style. Pick one and take a well-lit picture of yourself to represent all your formal outfits.

If you’re looking for an optimal number of profile photos, you should always have a current headshot, full body shot, 1-2 additional looks, and cars/pets you own and are willing to work with.

Don’t skip the skills and props sections

For certain roles, productions may opt to hire background who have experience with the action, like someone who can convincingly skate or shuffle cards on camera. Adding special skills to your profile helps Casting Directors find you when these roles are needed. Please be honest and only add skills you are actually proficient in.

Do you have a stenography machine? Own DJ equipment? Just like with wardrobe, you can get booked with props you own, have access to, and can bring to set. You never know when something you use every day, like a yoga mat, can help you book a background job.

Don’t forget to update your information as it changes

We recommend updating your photos and profile information any time your look changes. If your appearance, sizes, contact information, vehicles, or any other details change, be sure to update your profile as soon as possible so Casting Directors can consider you for the right types of roles.

For more tips on how to be a professional Background Actor and get booked by Central Casting, check out Updating Your SAG-AFTRA Status with Central Casting and Adding Costumes and Wardrobe to Your Online Profile.

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