What to Know About Getting Cast with Your Car

FEBRUARY 13, 2023
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Do you have cars you own and are willing to work with on set? Adding your vehicles to your online profile is one of the many ways you can get booked as a Background Actor with Central Casting. Here are the basics you need to know to help you get cast with your car in movies and TV shows.

What kind of cars does Central Casting book?

Do you have a brand new sedan? A classic sports car in pristine condition? A pick-up truck that's seen better days? At Central Casting, we book shows in a variety of time periods and often need cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles in varying conditions. So no matter your vehicle's year, make, model, or condition, there's a chance you can get cast with it.

That said, there are some colors that are booked more often than others. You may notice job posts or availability inquires stating "no red, white, or black" vehicles. This is often because these colors stand out too much, don't show up well on camera, or match the color of the principal actor's vehicle. Every production has different needs, so still add your red, white, or black vehicle to your online profile, you never know when an opportunity will pop up that needs those colors.

Adding vehicles to your online profile

Your online profile is one of your best tools to find work, especially when looking to get cast with your car. When booking Background Actors with vehicles, our Casting Directors search our casting platform for specific details. The more accurate and thorough you are when filling out your online profile, the easier it is for Casting Directors to find you when looking for vehicles.

To add or update your car information, go to the "vehicles you own" section of your online profile. Be sure to include as much information as you can, including vehicle type, make, model, color, and year. We will continue to add vehicle options to our system; if you don't see information that matches your car, include what you can and check back for updates.

Don't forget to also add photos of your vehicle. Any photos you upload should be of your actual car and not dealership or advertisement photos. Pictures should be taken at an angle where the front and side of your car are clearly visible.

If you're booked with your car, you will need to show proof that the vehicle you are working with is insured. We recommend keeping a copy of your proof of insurance on hand so you're ready when a Casting Director asks for it.

Include additional information in availability inquires

If you and your car fit the description for a role, a Casting Director may reach out with an availability inquiry. Read this message carefully before responding. These messages will likely include follow up questions, like confirming the year, make, model, color, and condition of your vehicle. Please answer all questions honestly; if you're booked based off the information in your response, you will be expected to show up to set with the vehicle described.

Our Casting Directors may also post to our Jobs page when booking cars. If you and your vehicle meet the role requirements, submit according to instructions, like using a specific subject line or attaching a current photo of your vehicle.

Working with vehicles on set

When you're booked with your vehicle, your role may require you to drive your car, be a Background Actor in a scene with your car, or you may be in Holding while your car is stationary on set. If you're not clear on the role details, ask your Casting Director what will be expected of you on set, especially if you're not comfortable driving in a scene. You should be confident in your driving ability if the role requires you to drive on camera.

Want to learn more ways to get booked as a Background Actor with Central Casting? Read our guides Do's and Don'ts for Optimizing Your Online Profile and How to Respond to Central Casting Messages.

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