How to Respond to Central Casting Messages

APRIL 1, 2024
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Onboarded and ready to get on set with Central Casting? Most communications you receive from Casting Directors will come as text messages and emails from our casting platform. Here’s an easy guide to casting messages so you know how to get booked as a Background Actor.

How will I get casting messages?

Messages you receive from Central Casting will be sent as a text message, appear in the inbox of your online profile, and be sent to the email address you have on file. If your text does not include a link to respond, please log in to your profile and go to your inbox to view the message. We do not accept responses via text, you must respond via the buttons inside the message.

We recommend adding to your email’s safe sender list so you don’t miss a message from Central Casting. Your email provider will have tutorials on how to do this and you can also see our Profile Management page for instructions on setting up mobile phone email alerts.

Availability inquiries

Usually, the first message you receive from a Casting Director is an availability inquiry. These messages will include the Casting Director’s name, the name of the project, the date, role, and other information related to the booking. To reply, click the respond button then select “available” or “unavailable.”

We ask that you reply to all messages as quickly as possible. We understand that you may be on set or unable to respond right away, but ask that you still respond when you can, even if the answer is no. This lets our Casting Directors know if they need to reach out to additional Background Actors. And rest assured, responding as unavailable does not affect future availability inquiries you may receive.

Casting Directors can also include additional questions in their messages. These additional fields will appear after you’ve clicked respond. Be sure to answer and include any information they have asked for as part of your reply.

If your availability changes, you can inform the Casting Director by calling your Central Casting office. You cannot change your availability by replying to text messages.

First avail, booking, and details messages

Depending on your location and the situation, the next step of the booking process is a first avail or a booking message. You can learn more about first avail in your location in our article First Avail: Everything You Need to Know.

After you’ve accepted an offer of work and are booked, the next message you receive will be your booking details. This message will include all the information you need for your booking, like initial call time, call location, and any hair or makeup notes. In some cases, it may also include a link to a Details Blog or other resource. It’s incredibly important to read your details fully and carefully to ensure you show up to set as expected. Please respond to your details message as soon as possible so the Casting Director knows you received it.

Jobs page

Another great way to get booked as a Background Actor is to check our Jobs page for roles we’re casting. In their posts, Casting Directors include information relevant to role like portrayable age, portrayable ethnicity, union status, and other requirements. Read these posts carefully to make sure you fit the description, then submit as instructed. Don’t forget to include any additional materials requested, like a current selfie or Stand-In resume. After reviewing your submission, if the Casting Director thinks you fit the requirements for the role, they will send you an availability inquiry.

Want to learn more about getting on set? Check out our articles How to Get Booked As a Double and How to Read a Central Casting Job Post.

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