Virtual Visiting Round Up: Spring 2022

JUNE 27, 2022
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Our Virtual Visiting sessions give Background Actors the opportunity to meet with and ask questions to a panel of our Casting Directors. Since reservations for Virtual Visiting are limited, we wanted to share some of the most asked questions during our spring sessions to help you succeed on set.

How do I stand out to Casting Directors and let Central Casting know that I’m serious about working?

You’ve probably heard this a lot, but one of the best ways to find work is to fill out your online profile with as much accurate information as possible. Not only does this help you show up in searches for roles you fit, but shows Casting Directors that you’re interested in finding background work. To set yourself up for success, be sure to fill out all fields, including your sizes, skills, appearance, props, vehicles, and other details.

How does this help you get booked? Say a Casting Director is booking a show set in the 1920s and production needs a Background Actor to fit a specific piece of clothing. You may fit the size requirements down to the sleeve length, but if you don’t have your measurements in your profile, you could be missing out on a role you’re perfect for.

Another great way to stand out is to act professionally on set. Assistant Directors and other production crew take notice when Background Actors are on time, where they’re supposed to be, and are able to follow directions. This shows Casting Directors and ADs that you are a professional and lets crew know that they can count on you if other opportunities are available on set, like when production needs to upgrade a Background Actor to a Stand-In.

I’m thinking of changing my look. Will that hurt my chances of being booked?

We book a wide variety of roles and all types of looks at Central Casting. So whether you can portray general business roles or your style is more ‘70s rocker, there are many jobs that can fit your look. The thing to keep in mind when you change your appearance is that your new look may affect the types of roles you can portray. For example, dyeing your hair pink can make your look too modern for period pieces, but can still work great for modern shows. Even smaller changes, like trimming a beard, can affect the types of roles you can portray.

Don’t forget to update your profile information and photos any time you change your look. This gives Casting Directors confidence that they know what you look like right now, you fit the look they’re booking, and that you will show up to set as expected.

What types of additional photos should I add to my profile?

First, you should always have a recent headshot and full body shot that reflect your current look.

Casting Directors also find photos of additional roles you can portray, cars you own, and pets you are willing to work with helpful when booking Background Actors. Please keep in mind that you only need to add unique and distinct looks, adding multiple photos of similar looks only clutters your online profile. We also book doubles, including hand doubles, so if you’re interested in that type of role, you can add a photo showing the front and back of your hands to your profile.

No matter the type of photo you upload, there are some general rules to keep in mind. Pictures should only feature you and include your face, be well lit and in focus, be taken against a white or solid background, and be unaltered or unedited. Pictures taken too far away, with other people, that obscure your face, or are edited cannot be used to help determine if you can portray a role and should not be uploaded to your online profile.

Interested in attending a Virtual Visiting session? Keep an eye on our website notices for upcoming sessions in your location. You can also catch tips from Casting Directors from our Winter 2022 Virtual Visiting Round Up.

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