How to Get Cast as Stand-In

NOVEMBER 8, 2021
A camera operator and Stand-In in front of a green screen.

With Central Casting, you can get booked in multiple roles, including as a Background Actor, Stand-In, or double. While Background Actors and doubles appear on screen, Stand-Ins collaborate closely with crew and principal actors during rehearsals.

What is a Stand-In?

A Stand-In is a person who takes the place of a principal actor for rehearsals, camera blocking, and lighting setups. Stand-Ins are usually referred to as the “second team” on set and can perform a variety of tasks depending on the type of production.

On multi-camera shows, like B Positive, That Girl Lay Lay, and iCarly, Stand-Ins run through the episode in place of the principal actor to establish camera blocking before filming and are often hired for their experience and professionalism over how well they resemble the actor.

Stand-Ins on single camera productions, including The Equalizer, Queens, and Hacks, are primarily used for lighting and camera setups and more often need to match the actor in height, build, hair color, and complexion.

You also have the chance to work as a Utility Stand-In or stand in for multiple actors on the same day. In these situations matching the height of the actor is often more important than matching their overall look.

Update your online profile

For any role you want to book with Central Casting, the first step is to make sure your online profile is filled out completely and accurately. Casting Directors use this information, like your sizes and appearance details, when looking for Stand-Ins and searching our casting platform. If you need help figuring out your sizes, check out the easy to follow video tutorials on our Measurements page.

We know it’s likely the main photo in your profile no longer represents your current look, which is why it’s important to upload photos of what you look like right now. This is especially important when casting Stand-Ins or doubles who need to match the principal actor as closely as possible. Be sure to replace these photos any time your current look changes so Casting Directors can always have an up-to-date reference.

If you have a Stand-In resume, you can upload it to the “casting information” section of your profile. If you have Stand-In experience, but haven’t created a resume yet, this Stand-In resume guide will help you get started.

Getting cast as a Stand-In

When booking Stand-Ins, Casting Directors will likely send an availability inquiry through our casting platform or post to our Jobs page. Please read all messages and posts carefully to make sure you fit the requirements before responding. Don’t forget to include any additional information requested, like a current photo or your Stand-In resume.

If you’ve worked with Central Casting for a while, you know Stand-In jobs often require experience. So how do you gain experience to get that first Stand-In job? Some productions may opt to hire Stand-Ins with no experience if they match the needed height, build, and/or look of the principal actor. This is one of those situations where keeping your sizes updated in your online profile can be extremely beneficial. There are also times when production needs to upgrade a Background Actor to a Stand-In on set. Paying attention, following directions, and being professional can help lead to these types of opportunities. Please do not ask production to be upgraded, just be present and prepared if an opportunity arises.

Want more tips to get cast as a Stand-In? Check out our video with Central Casting Los Angeles Casting Director Sara V. and Assistant Director Molly Rodriguez to learn more.

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By Meghan Dubitsky

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