5 Tips to Get Cast with Your Car

MARCH 28, 2022
A sports car between two rows of parked cars.
Background cars (left and right) cast by Central Casting in Lucifer (Warner Bros.)

Successful Background Actors know there are a variety of ways to get booked, including getting cast with your car. With our casting platform, you have the ability to add information and photos of your vehicle to your online profile. Follow these tips to get on set of your favorite movies and TV shows.

1. Add vehicle information to your online profile

Whether your car is a 1967 Mustang in mint condition or an Accord from 2000 that's seen better days, there's a chance you can get booked with it. At Central Casting, we cast productions in all time periods and for a variety of settings, so you never know when your car may be exactly what we're looking for.

Casting Directors search our casting platform when looking for bookable cars, which is why it's important to add vehicles you own and are willing to work with to your online profile.

Once you've logged in to your online profile, go to the "vehicles you own" section to add your cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. Be sure to include as much information as you can, including vehicle type, make, model, color, and year. We will continue to add vehicle options to our system; if you don't see information that matches your car, include what you can and check back for updates.

When adding photos of vehicles to your online profile, please only upload photos of your actual car, not dealership or ad photos. If possible, take pictures at an angle where the front and side of your vehicle are clearly visible.

2. Read your messages/job posts completely

When looking for cars, Casting Directors will reach out to check your availability and that your vehicle fits the requirements for the role. As with any role you're trying to book, it's extremely important to read the entire message to make sure you fit the description before responding. Don't forget to answer any additional questions included in the message.

If you want to get cast with your car, you can also check the Jobs page for posts that fit your vehicle's specs. Read the post carefully, respond if you have a car that fits the description, and be prepared to send a current photo of your vehicle if requested in the submission instructions.

3. Know vehicle types that are commonly used

The needs of each production are different, but generally we don't cast many red, white, or black cars. Some colors can't be booked because they don't show up well on camera or because they stand out too much. In some cases, the Casting Director may also be trying to distinguish from the principal's vehicle color. So don't worry if a certain production never wants blue cars, it could just be that the main character has a similar vehicle.

You may also see job posts looking for "current" car models. Productions can differ on what they're looking for, but generally current means anything from the past 5-7 years.

Get cast with your car like these Background Actors.
Background Actors with their cars on This is Us (NBC)

4. Understand what's expected before accepting the job

When you're booked by Central Casting, we book you with your vehicle, not just your vehicle. Your role may require you to drive your car, be a Background Actor in a scene with your car, or you may be in Holding while your car is stationary on set. You should be confident in your driving ability if asked to drive in a scene. If you're not comfortable driving in a scene or if you want to know what will be expected of you on set, ask the Casting Director what the role entails before you accept the job.

5. Make sure your insurance is current

In order to be cast in our productions, you will need to show proof that the vehicle you are working with is insured. Have a copy of your proof of insurance on hand so you're ready to send if a Casting Director asks for it.

You can find more tips and guides on how to get booked in our article How to Respond to Central Casting Messages.

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