How to Get Booked with Your Pet

AUGUST 14, 2023
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There are many ways to find work with Central Casting, including by getting booked with your pet. Like when looking for vehicles, we book the Background Actor with their pet and not just the pet itself. Here's what you need to know if you have a well-behaved pet you are interested in working with on set.

Add your pets to your online profile

While dogs are most commonly needed (like in park or neighborhood scenes), we book a variety of shows, so you never know when opportunities for different pets can pop up. That's why adding your pets to your online profile is one of the best ways you can help Casting Directors find you when booking these types of scenes.

When adding pets, keep in mind that they are expected to behave and perform on set. Please only add pets that are well-trained, have a good temperament, and are calm around other animals and people.

You can add your pets in the "Casting Information" section of your online profile. Scroll to the "Props" dropdown, then choose from the dog, cat, or other options. If adding a dog or a cat, include the breed. If adding a different animal, please indicate what type in the field provided. Then don't forget to upload a clear current photo where your entire pet is visible. In addition, it's also helpful to Casting Directors to upload a photo of you and your pet together.

Getting booked with your pet

When looking for pets, Casting Directors may search our casting platform then reach out with an availability message or may post to our Jobs page. Either way, be sure to read the message or post completely before responding to ensure you and your pet fit the role requirements.

If replying to an availability message, the Casting Director will likely ask additional questions, like to confirm if you still have the pet, the age, breed, weight, and if the pet is set friendly. This is all information they need to determine if your pet fits the requirements.

Similarly, if you're responding via the Jobs page, you will likely be asked to send specific information and a photo of your pet in your email submission. Our Casting Directors need this information to consider you and your pet for the role, if you don't include it, you may be missing out on a role you're perfect for.

Production may ask for license and vaccination records for your pet. It's a good idea to have these records handy in case you need to submit them to a Casting Director or to bring them to set with you.

We know you're eager to get booked, but please remember that if you're cast with your pet, they are expected to behave on set. Submitting with a pet that may have trouble in a busy filming environment doesn't help you, the Casting Director, or production.

Working with your pet on set

As always, it's important that you and your pet arrive on time and ready to work. Your details will include how to get your call time changes, which may be sent to you as a message from our casting platform or updated in your Details Blog. Before heading to the filming location, it's a good idea to factor in traffic, public transportation delays, parking, and other delays that could make you and your pet late.

We all know time is precious, and this is especially true on productions. The cast and crew have a lot they need to get done in a day; you can help them out by being professional and making sure your pet is behaving throughout the workday.

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