Understanding Your Central Casting Booking Details

NOVEMBER 29, 2021
A woman and man putting looks together based on their booking details.

Were you just cast by Central Casting? Congratulations! Getting booked is exciting, but it’s just the first step in working as a Background Actor. The next step is to carefully read your details so you can prepare for your workday.

What are booking details?

Details include all the information you need for your booking, like call time, call location, hair, makeup, and wardrobe instructions. There may be several categories listed, be sure to read the information related to your category so you can put together the correct look. Not sure of your category? Check your availability inquiries or booking messages from the Casting Director, you will likely find that information there.

While your details may list a call time, production schedules constantly change and your call time often will as well. Call time changes can be delivered through our casting platform or may be updated in your Details Blog. It’s your responsibility to get your call time changes; be sure to check for any changes before arriving to set. It’s a good idea to factor in traffic, public transportation delays, parking, and other delays that could make you late.

The key to having a successful day on set is to read your details and any information provided by production thoroughly so you know what’s expected of you.

How and when will I get booking details?

Your booking details can come in the form of a Details Blog, as a message from our casting platform, or as another type of communication. In some cases, like when booked on a rush call, a Casting Director may give your details over the phone. Be sure to have a pen and paper ready anytime you call Central Casting so you can write this information down. If your details are delivered as a Details Blog, you’ll be given a show name and 4-digit passcode to enter on the My Details page of our website. Keep in mind that the show name may be different than the actual name of the production you’re working on.

Casting Directors get these details as they come in from multiple departments within production and may not have your booking information until later in the evening before your day of work. Please respond to your details message as soon as possible to confirm that you received it.

Putting your look together

One of the fun parts of being a Background Actor is creating your look for set. Depending on your category and the scene, you may be given very specific hair, makeup, and wardrobe instructions to create the desired look. Then there may be times you can add your own spin to your category’s clothing and overall style. Either way, just be sure you’re starting with your details and creating your look within the parameters given.

You will likely be asked to arrive on set camera ready with your wardrobe on and your hair and makeup done appropriately for the role. Other times you will be instructed to bring your wardrobe with you. Be sure your clothing makes it to set clean and unwrinkled (unless your category calls for something different). In some cases, the wardrobe department will provide clothing or supplement your options, please be sure you arrive with clean and sufficient undergarments.

You can learn more about preparing to work as a Background Actor in our articles A Starter Guide to Background Work and Wardrobe Basics for the Best Set Looks.

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