5 Ways to Prepare to Get Back on Set

NOVEMBER 20, 2023
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Central Casting is excited to get our Background Actors and Stand-Ins back on set. Our Casting Directors are busy preparing for filming to ramp up and we wanted to share some tips for how you can set yourself up for success in the coming weeks.

1. Update profile photos

Ensuring that your profile photos always reflect your current look is essential to working as a Background Actor with Central Casting. We recommend updating your photos any time your look changes so our Casting Directors have confidence they’re considering you for the right types of roles.

Quality over quantity is key when adding photos to your online profile. In addition to a current headshot and full body shot, Casting Directors recommend a casual, business, and formal look, then 1-2 photos of unique looks you can portray. Our guides How to Take a Central Casting Profile Photo and Casting Director Recommended Profile Photos will help you learn how to take great headshots and tell you more about the types of photos we’re looking for.

2. Update sizes and appearance details

Having accurate current sizes in your profile is a big part of being successful with Central Casting. If your sizes have changed, be sure to update that information in your profile. Our Casting Directors often search our casting platform for this information; if your sizes are incorrect, you may be missing out on roles you’re perfect for. If you don’t know your sizes or if it’s been a while since you’ve taken your measurements, we have easy-to-follow tutorial videos to get you started.

While you’re reviewing your sizes, don’t forget to look at the other sections of your online profile. Adding details like playing age, appearance information, special skills you can convincingly portray, and props you own helps Casting Directors find you in searches. Remember, it’s important to be honest and accurate about your appearance and other information; if you’re cast based on the details in your online profile, you will be expected to show up to set with that look, prop, or to perform that special skill.

3. Review contact information

Have you moved recently, changed your email, or gotten a new phone number? Central Casting uses this information to contact you about work opportunities and so we can pay you.

This is a great time to review your online profile to ensure all your contact information is correct. While you will likely receive the majority of communications from Central Casting via email, Casting Directors need your phone number to call you directly and send you text messages. You can update your phone number and address with casting in the “Contact Information” section of your online profile. If you need to change your email address, you can contact technical support at 855.500.2055, helpme@centralcasting.com, or through Tech Support Chat.

Casting and payroll store information separately, so you will need to review and update your contact information with payroll by logging in to myEP. If you have not accessed myEP before, you can log in with the same email and password associated with your Central Casting online profile.

4. Check your messages and the Jobs page

As shows return to production, our Casting Directors will reach out with availability inquiries and post to our Jobs page. We recommend bookmarking our Jobs page and checking regularly so you don’t miss new posts.

Please be honest about your availability when submitting for work and responding to messages. We know you’re eager to get back on set, but if you’re not sure if you’re available or are worried about saying no, rest assured that a “not available” response has no impact on future availability inquiries you may receive. In fact, Casting Directors prefer you say no when not available. This not only lets them know that they may need to look for additional Background Actors, but shows you’re actively checking and responding to messages.

5. Update minor work permits

Is your minor ready to get back on set? All minors need a valid work permit in order to work with Central Casting. If your minor is registered in Los Angeles or New York and their work permit is expired, you will need to update their permit with your state and submit it to Central Casting for them to become eligible to be booked.

In Georgia, minors must have a certification number on file from the Georgia Department of Labor. Central Casting uses this number to secure a work permit when your minor is booked. This number must be renewed annually through the Department of Labor.

In Louisiana, Casting Directors will reach out with instructions on what is needed for us to secure their work permit when they are booked. When you receive this message, please read the instructions carefully and respond promptly.

To learn more about the minor work permit process in your state, read our in-depth guide Ensure Your Minor is Eligible to Be Booked by Central Casting.

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