5 Tips for Getting Booked

FEBRUARY 26, 2024
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Registered and ready to work as a Background Actor with Central Casting? Here are some tips that can help you get booked and on set.

1. Upload current photos

One of the best ways you can set yourself up for success is to upload new photos to your online profile as your look changes. These self-uploaded photos are one of the tools our Casting Directors use to determine the types of roles you can portray, so they should always represent how you look right now. As you add new photos, don't forget to delete pictures that no longer reflect your current look.

Our Casting Directors prefer quality over quantity when it comes to photos in your online profile. In addition to a current headshot and full body shot, photos in unique and distinct looks can be helpful to show off wardrobe you own and different looks you can portray. For example, if you add photos to show a casual, business, and formal look, you only need to upload one example of each. Then if Casting Directors have questions about specific wardrobe related to those looks, they will send a message through our casting platform.

2. Know your accurate measurements

Central Casting needs your sizes for a variety of reasons, like when booking Stand-Ins and doubles, when production provides wardrobe, and when a role requires a specific look. If your measurements are incorrect or if you don't have measurements in your profile at all, you may be missing out on roles you're perfect for. That's why we recommend updating your sizes as they change, even if the change is small.

Accuracy is incredibly important when adding your sizes. Production may use this information to obtain wardrobe for you or to ensure you will fit wardrobe they already have. Incorrect sizes could lead to you not fitting what is provided, which can cause delays and other issues for production. If you're not sure how to take your measurements or want a refresher, watch our easy to follow video tutorials on the Measurements page.

3. Add special skills, props, and vehicles to your profile

We often need to cast Background Actors with their vehicle, with props, or who can perform a specific skill. Adding this information to your profile is a great way to help Casting Directors find you when these opportunities come up.

If you own a vehicle, have it insured, and are willing to work with it on set, you can add that information in the Vehicles section of your online profile. Once you've filled out that portion of your profile, you can add a photo of your car in the Photographs section. Car photos should be original (not dealership or ad photos) and taken at an angle where the front and side of your car are clearly visible.

If you have props you are willing to work with or special skills you can convincingly portray on camera, you can add them in the Casting Information section of your profile.

4. Read the job post/message completely

We know getting an availability inquiry and seeing roles you fit on the Jobs page is exciting, but it's important to read the entire message or post completely and carefully before responding. These messages or posts will include information like possible work dates, portrayable ethnicity, portrayable age, SAG-AFTRA status, sizes, and other requirements that are needed for the role. Please only respond as available or submit for the job if you fit all the requirements listed. Keep in mind that you'll be expected to show up to set with the look described if you book the role.

5. Respond as soon as possible

If you've worked for Central Casting before, you know that roles can book quickly, which is why it's important to respond to messages as soon as possible. We know you are not able to reply to every message instantly, but we still ask that you reply when you can, even if the answer is no. This lets our Casting Directors know if you are interested or if they should reach out to other people. You never know, your response may be the one the Casting Director was waiting for.

Getting booked is just the beginning. To set yourself up for a successful day on set, learn more about getting ready with our articles Hairstyle Basics for Background Actors and How to Prepare Your Makeup for Set.

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