7 Times You Should Update Your File

JANUARY 25, 2018
File Updates at Central Casting New York

A wise Casting Director once said, “The best thing you can do to try to book a job is to make sure your photo looks like you.” Here are seven times when you should come in to take a new photo and update your file. Check your location’s calendar to find out when you can come in for Updates.

1. Anytime your look changes

Casting Directors use your profile photo to determine if you fit the role, so it’s important that photo is an accurate representation of what you currently look like. If any part of your look changes, like dying your hair, growing facial hair, or getting a tattoo, you should come in to your nearest office to update your photo. Even the smallest change, like growing your roots out, can make a difference to Casting Directors.

This is especially important if you’ve been picture picked. If you have changed your look, but haven’t come in to update your photo, be sure to tell the Casting Director and have a photo that represents your current look ready in case they ask for it.

While you’re here, check to make sure your sizes are still correct. Casting Directors need these when they’re casting Stand-Ins and doubles and if they need to send your sizes to production.

Girl with natural hair and braided hair

2. If your contact information changes

Central Casting needs your current contact information so we can reach you for booking opportunities and so we can payroll you correctly. If you move or change your phone number or email address, you need to update your file as soon as possible. You wouldn’t want to miss a text message that could have gotten you on set!

3. If you want to add additional photos

Do you have a side gig as Santa during the Holidays? Dress up like a clown for parties? Just really like costumes? Whatever the case, come in during Updates to add additional photos to your file. These can be in commonly booked wardrobe like Santa Claus, scrubs, or a lab coat, or commonly booked looks like business or formal. Additional photos can help Casting Directors visualize you in a role. If you’re worried your main file photo won’t sell that you can pull off a homeless look, then add one to your file.

Remember, only take photos in pieces of wardrobe that you own.

Racecar driver costume, nurse, chef

4. When you get a new car or get rid of a car

Casting Directors often book people with cars, whether they’re brand new, beat up, or classic. If you own a car, have it insured, and are willing to work with it on set, add the car and a photo of it to your file. Read through your location’s Updates FAQs to find out how to add photos of your car.

Don’t forget to tell us if you’ve sold or gotten rid of a car you have on file. Casting Directors are counting on you to actually own the cars you have in your file.

5. To add a pet to your file

Do you have a pet you’re willing to work with? Central Casting casts Background Actors with their dogs, cats, and other animals. You can’t bring your pet into our office to take a photo, but you can submit a photo to us to add to your file. Read through your location’s Updates FAQs to find out how to add photos of your pet to your file.

Dog on a chair

6. Update your SAG-AFTRA status

If your SAG-AFTRA status has changed, bring your identification, your current SAG-AFTRA card, or a receipt issued by SAG-AFTRA to our office during an Update session. We cannot change your status unless you bring verification from your union.

7. Every six months

Even if you haven’t changed your look, you should still come in every six months to update your photo. This tells the Casting Directors that you are active and gives them confidence that your photo represents your current look.

Remember, your profile photo is the first photo Casting Directors see when they look you up in the casting system.

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By Meghan Dubitsky

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