7 Opportunities to Update Your Online Profile

MARCH 22, 2021
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One of the best ways to help yourself find work through Central Casting is to keep your profile up to date. Thanks to our casting platform, updating your appearance, sizes, photos, and other information is easier than ever. Not sure when to update your profile? Here are some ideas of the type of information you can change.

1. Your look

Casting Directors use the information in your profile while searching our system, so it’s important your appearance details are always current. If any part of your look changes, like coloring your hair, shaving facial hair, or getting a tattoo, you should log in to your profile to update your appearance. Even the smallest change, like growing your roots out, can make a difference to Casting Directors.

Your measurements also play a large role in the casting process, especially when booked as a double or when production provides wardrobe. If you need help figuring out your sizes, our Measurements page has easy to follow videos to help you get the most accurate numbers.

Don’t forget to upload new photos when you change your appearance information. We encourage you to always have a headshot and full body shot of your current look in your profile so Casting Directors know what you look like right now.

2. Availability calendar

One of the exciting features in your online profile is the ability to add and update your availability calendar. This lets Casting Directors know when you are available and interested in working. Just tap a date once to turn it green for available and tap it again to turn red for unavailable. Remember, your online avail calendar is a supplemental tool for managing your availability. It is still your responsibility not to become double booked and to contact Central Casting to cancel or change your first avail status.

3. Additional photos

Do you have a side gig as Santa during the Holidays? Dress up like a clown for parties? Just really like costumes? Whatever the case, you should upload photos of yourself in different looks and in wardrobe you own to your online profile. If you’re worried your main profile photo won’t sell that you can pull off a certain look, then add one to your profile for reference.

4. Vehicles or pets

There are plenty of opportunities to get booked with your vehicle, whether it’s brand new, beat up, or classic. If you own a car, have it insured, and are willing to work with it on set, add the specs and a photo to the vehicles section. If you sell or no longer want to work with one of your cars, please remove that vehicle information so it doesn’t show up in Casting Director searches.

Want to get booked with your pet? Central Casting casts Background Actors with their dogs, cats, and other animals. Add your pets to the casting information section then snap a photo where your pet is well lit and clearly visible and upload to your profile.

5. Props or special skills

At Central Casting, we book a wide variety of roles and you never know when a special skill or prop could help you get on set. To make movements believable on camera, productions may opt to look for background who have experience with the role, like someone who looks convincing doing yoga or playing the piano.

In some cases, having the right prop is part of the booking requirements. For example, stenographers and DJs are often booked with their equipment. Be sure to add special skills and props to the casting information section of your online profile. Keep in mind, you will be expected to convincingly portray that skill and bring that prop to set, so please be honest about the information you add.

6. Union status

If your SAG-AFTRA status has changed, you can update that information by filling out our SAG-AFTRA update form. Our staff will review your information and proof of membership, then will update your profile.

7. Contact information

Central Casting needs your current contact information so we can reach you for booking opportunities and so we can payroll you correctly. If you move or change your phone number, you can update in the contact information section of your online profile. If you need to change the email address associated with your profile, please contact technical support at helpme@centralcasting.com or 855.500.2055.

Casting and payroll are handled separately. To change your information with payroll, log in or sign up for myEP.

Now that you know the type of information you can update in your profile, check out these 5 Tips for Getting Booked and 5 Key Background Acting Tips.

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By Meghan Dubitsky

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