5 Things to Think About Before Submitting for Work

SEPTEMBER 21, 2020
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As production picks up across our offices, we are all excited for the opportunity to get the entertainment industry moving again. For many of our Background Actors, it’s likely been awhile since you’ve been on set, so here are some questions to ask yourself before submitting for work through Central Casting.

1. Am I registered with Central Casting?

This one may seem obvious, but in order to be eligible to submit for work and be booked by Central Casting, you must have previously registered with us in person. We know many of you are eager to complete Talent Onboarding and get on set, so keep an eye on your location’s notices and calendar for updates.

2. Do I fit the description?

Our Casting Directors use many tools to book Background Actors, Stand-Ins, doubles, and other roles, including posting openings on our Jobs page and sending a text message or email. These posts and messages will include necessary information about the role, like age range, portrayable ethnicity, sizes, union status, etc. It’s important to read these posts carefully to make sure you fit the description before submitting or replying.

From growing our hair out to fluctuating sizes, many of us have had changes to our appearance over the last few months. Please be honest and let Casting Directors know of any changes to your look or sizes when replying to a message or submitting for work. Also, be sure to have some recent selfies ready to send so the Casting Director can confirm you fit the role. Until Updates resume, you can find out more about updating information by visiting the Updates section of your office’s Talent page.

3. Am I available?

If you’ve been booked recently or have scrolled through the Jobs page, you may be aware of some changes to casting and filming, including the process of carrying background. Paying attention to dates, being honest about your availability, and not double booking yourself have always been important in submitting for work, but are especially important now as Casting Directors and productions have to factor in testing and other protocols while scheduling. Be aware you may be required to take a COVID-19 test prior to the work date and you must be available without time restrictions for test dates and work dates to be eligible to be booked for that role.

For more information on carrying background, read our article Carrying Background: What You Should Know.

4. Have I included all the information requested?

It’s likely you will be asked to send a recent selfie, but Casting Directors may also have you include a Stand-In resume or other materials when you submit for a role. In some cases, they may ask about experience you have, if you have the correct wardrobe, or to attach photos of your car. Double check that you’ve included all the information Casting Directors have requested as they may not be able to consider you for the role without it.

5. Do I know what to do if I get booked?

Whether it’s your first time being cast as a Background Actor or if you’re a seasoned pro, getting the chance to work on set is exciting. Everything you need to know for your booking will be included in your details, usually given as a Details Blog. Remember, our Casting Directors send out details as they come in from production, which may not happen until the evening before the shoot. Please be patient as we all adjust to the new normal of production and accommodate measures designed to ensure the health and safety of everyone on set.

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By Meghan Dubitsky

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