Now hiring a Talent Onboarding Specialist

  • We are hiring a Talent Onboarding Specialist in our Burbank office. Learn more.

Important COVID-19 Return to Work Agreement information for Background Actors

  • Don’t miss out on getting booked! As many productions move towards mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations (subject to disability or religious exception), there are some updates to the casting process on these productions you should know, including how to help us let productions know that you are able to comply with their vaccination policy. Learn More.

    For more information and resources, visit our Return to Work Agreement page.

Direct Deposit for Background Actors

  • Central Casting is excited to announce a direct deposit payment option for Background Actors! If you’d like to be paid by direct deposit instead of paper checks, you can sign up through myEP once then will receive all payment via direct deposit for productions where Central Casting provides casting services and Entertainment Partners handles payroll. Learn More.

Interested in a career as a Casting Director?

  • Central Casting is always looking for talented individuals to join our casting staff. If you’re interested in casting Background Actors and Stand-Ins in popular movies and TV shows, learn more about our Casting Director and other staff opportunities in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and New Orleans on our Careers page.

Introducing SmartVoucher

  • Central Casting is excited to announce SmartVoucher, our new digital voucher platform. In order to use SmartVoucher, you will need to claim your online profile if you haven’t already. You can find more information on SmartVoucher on the Talent page. Learn more.

What does the COVID-19 Return to Work Agreement mean for Background Actors?

  • As some productions move towards mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations, Central Casting BG can now voluntarily notate in your profile if you are fully vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine or have a disability or sincerely held religious belief that prevents vaccination.

    Providing this information is voluntary and will only be used for productions mandating vaccinations as per the Return To Work agreement. Once notated in your profile, please do not provide any additional information regarding this item to Central Casting. If additional information is required, Production (not Central Casting) will ask you for it.

    To update, log in to your online profile and go to the “Key Information” section of your profile and scroll to the “COVID-19 vaccination” field. For more information, click here.

Talent Onboarding sessions for vaccinated individuals

  • Consistent with California’s relaxing of restrictions on business operations with respect to fully vaccinated individuals, Central Casting is offering one set of Talent Onboarding sessions for vaccinated individuals and a separate set of sessions for unvaccinated individuals.

    You can make a reservation if you are currently or will be “fully” vaccinated against COVID-19 by the time of your Onboarding session. Fully vaccinated means that, at minimum, two full weeks have passed since your second shot of Pfizer or Moderna or since your single shot of Johnson & Johnson. If you are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19, please choose one of our other available sessions that are for unvaccinated individuals.

    Please arrive to your session with proof of full vaccination status to gain entry into Talent Onboarding. You will be turned away and asked to make another reservation if you do not have proof of full vaccination status. Face coverings are still required even if fully vaccinated. You can find all available Talent Onboarding sessions in the calendar section of the Sign Up page.

Minor’s Talent Onboarding

  • Reservations are now open for Minor’s Talent Onboarding. You must have a reservation and the required I-9 documentation in order for us to register your child. Each reservation is for one minor only. Do not bring other minors to the session with you. Due to capacity limits we cannot accommodate or register them without a separate reservation. Learn More.

Make a reservation for New Talent Onboarding (Adults)

  • Reservations are now open for New Talent Onboarding for adults. You must have a reservation and the required I-9 documentation in order for us to onboard you. At this time, Re-Registration and Updates are still on hold. Please do not visit our office unless you have a reservation for Talent Onboarding. Learn More.

Tech support chat

  • Our tech support chat is now available between 6am-6pm PT for technical help with your online profile, email updates, required training questions (Los Angeles and New York only), and more. Note: technical support and casting are separate. If you need to cancel, are going to be late, have questions about your booking, or other casting related inquiries, you must contact your Central Casting office.

Updates to getting call time changes

  • Be sure to check your Details Blog before you go to bed and again when you wake up in case any changes are made to location or wardrobe needs. In the case of any call time changes, you will be notified directly via our online self-service platform. We will no longer be using the Call Time Change Box.

Complete required Anti-Harassment training

  • As of January 1, 2021, if you have not completed required anti-harassment training, you are not eligible to be booked by Central Casting. Once you complete the training, you will become eligible to be booked again. If you did not receive an email regarding the required training, please contact technical support at You can find more information on our Required Training page.

Now Casting with our online self-service platform

  • Casting Directors are now booking through our online self-service platform. Be sure to check your email/texts often, keep your profile updated, and continue to fill out your availability calendar. You can now claim, view, and edit your Central Casting profile online through the log in button in our website menu. If you are already signed up with Central Casting, you must claim your profile before you can access it.

Paycheck and payroll information

  • Have questions about payroll? For more information on your paycheck and signing up for myEP, read our latest payroll article.

Help stop the spread of COVID-19!

Central Casting Policies and Arbitration Agreement

  • All talent signed up with Central Casting are required to comply with Central Casting’s policies which includes a mandatory arbitration agreement. If you choose to continue your employment/casting relationship with Central Casting, your consent to the arbitration agreement is deemed automatic and no action is needed from you, and you may continue to submit for work like you normally do. You are not required to review the arbitration agreement, but if you choose to read it, it is available in our Forms and Policies section. Refusal to comply with Central Casting’s arbitration agreement and policies will mean you are ineligible to work on Central Casting jobs.

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