How to Prepare for the Fall TV Season

JULY 26, 2021
Behind the scenes of the fall TV series The Conners.
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As we enter the fall TV season, now is a great time to make sure all your information is up-to-date. Whether you recently registered at a Talent Onboarding session or you just want to set yourself up for success, here’s what you need to know to make sure all your information is current with Central Casting.

Current photos and look information

One of the best ways to find background work is to fully fill out your online profile and keep it updated with your accurate information and photos.

The more details you include the more chance you have of showing up in searches for roles you fit. Be sure to update your profile as your look changes so Casting Directors always have your correct appearance information.

It’s also incredibly important to upload photos of your current look. We also encourage you to add photos of you in unique looks and wardrobe. Just remember, quality over quantity. Multiple photos of you in similar looks only clutters your profile. Our article Do’s and Don’ts for Optimizing Your Online Profile has great tips for how to update your profile to show you’re a professional Background Actor.

Update email and mailing address

Having your current email on file is essential to finding work through Central Casting. Not only do you use it to access our casting platform, but availability checks and other messages are sent to the address associated with your profile. To update your email, please contact technical support at, 855.500.2055, or through tech support chat. Our tech support team will make sure your new email is updated in all the necessary places.

When updating your mailing address, keep in mind that casting and payroll store information separately. You can update your address with casting in the “contact information” section of your online profile. Payroll address updates are handled through myEP, which you can log in to with the same email address and password you use for your online profile.

SAG-AFTRA status

Have you recently joined SAG-AFTRA and need to update your profile? You can easily update your status by filling out our online update form.

Los Angeles Form
New York Form

Minor work permit update

To be eligible to work on set, minors will need a valid work permit issued by your state.


Minor entertainment work permits are valid for six months in California. To renew your minor’s permit, visit the California Department of Industrial Relations website. Once you’ve received the updated permit, you can send it to Central Casting Los Angeles through our Minor’s Permit Update page.

New York

New York child performer permits are valid for 12 months. To obtain a new child performer permit, follow the directions on the New York Department of Labor website, then email a copy of the permit to


Central Casting uses a certification number issued by the Georgia Department of Labor to secure a work permit when your minor is booked. You can obtain a minor’s certification number on the Department of Labor website by filling out the short form. Bring this number with you when you and your minor attend a Talent Onboarding session.


When your minor is booked, Central Casting will acquire a work permit for them through the Louisiana Workforce Commission. The Casting Director will reach out with instructions on what they need from you to secure the work permit, please follow all directions and respond promptly.

Have all your information updated and ready to get on set? Great! If it’s been a while since you’ve worked as a Background Actor, brush up on these 21 production terms and learn how to submit like a pro.

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