At Central Casting Los Angeles, two important factors in determining your child’s booking eligibility are work permits and anti-harassment training completion status. If your child is inactive in our system or if you want to prepare so they don’t have gaps in eligibility, follow these steps to update their work permit.

1. Renew your child’s entertainment work permit
In California, entertainment work permits are valid for six months, after which they must be renewed. To renew a work permit, visit the California Department of Industrial Relations website and follow the instructions. You may be required to provide documents completed by their school and physician. Follow all steps closely to avoid a rejection. Be aware that once submitted, it can take weeks to receive the approved permit from the state.

Note: When you receive your minor’s permit, there may be information about a Coogan Trust Account. Trust accounts are not required for background work in California.

2. Submit your child’s updated work permit using the form above.