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JUNE 4, 2018
Finding background acting jobs on a phone
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Our How to Become a Background Actor series takes an in-depth look at everything you need to know to become a Background Actor with Central Casting. Be sure to read the other articles in this series: How to Become a Background Actor – Registration and How to Become a Background Actor – Casting Photo.

Want to work as a Background Actor with Central Casting? The good news is there are many ways for you to find background acting jobs.

Job posts

You can find all the latest jobs we’re currently casting on the Jobs page of our website. In these posts, Casting Directors will leave specific details on the roles they’re casting, like portrayable age range, sizes, and if it’s SAG-AFTRA or non-union. It’s important to read through the post carefully to make sure you fit the role before submitting. If you don’t see a role you fit, keep checking back as Casting Directors are posting new notices throughout the day.

Another key detail to look for when you’re reading through a job post is how the Casting Director would like you to submit. If you’re asked to call a number, make sure you have a pen a paper ready to write down any information the Casting Director has for you.

When asked to send an email, include all the information requested, like your phone number or additional photos. The Casting Directors need this information to see if you’re right for the role; you’d hate to miss out because you didn’t include what they asked for.

Please only use the submission line numbers and email addresses when instructed to. If a Casting Director asks for emails, don’t call their line and vice versa. Remember, part of being a Background Actor is being able to follow directions. When you follow submission instructions, it gives Casting Directors confidence that you will follow directions on set.


Another way to get background acting jobs is through text message. Our SMS messaging feature allows Casting Directors to check your availability, send follow up questions, and in some cases, details through text message. The first rule of texting with Central Casting is to always answer the text message as soon as you can. While on set you’re not allowed to use your phone, so if you don’t see a text message until you’re back in Holding, you should still answer because the Casting Director may still be casting their scene.

To learn more about texting with Casting Directors, check out our articles What to Do When You Get a Text from Central Casting and Everything You Need to Know About Central Casting Texting.

Los Angeles After Hours Availability List

Have you tried every other method and are still not booked? If you want to work and are available without restrictions the entire day the following day, you can add your name to our After Hours Availability List. The After Hours Availability List is a resource Casting Directors use when additional roles open up overnight, when making replacements, and when filling rush calls.

Want to add your name to the After Hours Availability List? You can access the submission form on our website in the How to Get Work section of the Talent page or by clicking the “after hours avail list” button on the Los Angeles Jobs page.

If you submit your availability on Monday night, you will be added to the list for Tuesday. If you submit your availability on Friday night, your name will be added to the list for Monday, with the option of indicating your availability for Saturday and Sunday.

This list is only available in our Los Angeles office. If you’re a Background Actor looking for work in New York, Georgia, or Louisiana, keep an eye on your phone for text messages checking your availability.

Now that you know how to submit, read our Casting Director tips for submitting and learn how to get booked with your car.

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By Meghan Dubitsky

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