How to Stand Out to Casting Directors

MARCH 22, 2018
Background Actors learning how to stand out to Casting Directors
Background Actors at a Central Casting University class in Los Angeles

Whether you are newly registered or have been working as a Background Actor for years, you’re likely looking for ways to stand out to Casting Directors. Here are some tips for what you can do to show Casting Directors you’re prepared, professional, and ready to get to set.

Read the entire post or text

A large part of being a successful Background Actor is following directions. Sounds doable, right? Just don’t forget that following directions is as important off set as it is on. When Casting Directors post a job or send you a text, they will add specific information on what they’re looking for. Be sure to read the entire post or text to make sure you can portray that role before submitting.

“Please be sure to read the whole text because we put very specific instructions in it,” said Casting Director Guy Y. “If we put multiple dates in, we need you to be available for all of those dates. If you submit when you’re only available for one, that doesn’t help either of us.”

Ready to submit? Check out the job posts section of the Talent page for all the latest jobs posted by Casting Directors.

Show up on time

It is imperative that you show up to set on time, which means checked in and ready for work. We know traffic, subway delays, and other complications can arise on your way to set, but it’s still your responsibility to show up on time. Plan ahead and give yourself enough time to find parking and get checked in. Check for call time changes before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning.

“Show up on time, wear the right clothes, and do a good job on set,” said Casting Director Mindy R. “That’s so huge. Those things stand out to Casting Directors and will help you go far.”

Be prepared

Make sure you write down or read through the details given by the Casting Director who booked you. You will often be expected to bring your own wardrobe and do your own hair and make-up before you arrive to set. Showing up with the right wardrobe shows Casting Directors you are paying attention to details and lets them know they can trust you to arrive as expected.

Background Actors learning how to stand out to Casting Directors
Background Actors at a Central Casting University class in Los Angeles

Pay attention on set

During filming, Background Actors are usually directed by Assistant Directors. Follow the instructions given and remember your movements so you can replicate them for multiple takes. Being alert not only helps you stand out to Casting Directors, but lets Assistant Directors know you’re serious about your work.

“Be available on set,” said Casting Director Summer W. “If they need to pull someone to be a Stand-In, be the first one to offer. Be very engaged on set. I think that goes a long way.”

Beyond following the AD’s direction and doing your job as a Background Actor, being on set is one of the best ways to learn about the entertainment industry. Use the time when you’re not working to watch how the production operates and talk to your fellow Background Actors in Holding about their experiences on set.

Show you’re invested

Want to know the difference between a Background Actor and a Professional Background Actor? You can take our Central Casting University course to find out. University classes are a great way to learn more about the business and what’s expected of you on set.

Visiting sessions are another great way to stand out to Casting Directors. During Visiting you have the opportunity to ask questions to and learn from a rotating panel of Casting Directors. Check your location’s calendar for upcoming University classes and Visiting sessions.

Our articles are a valuable tool to find out about the industry and stay up to date with what’s happening at Central Casting. We provide valuable information on our texting feature, what projects are coming up, how to book a job, and many other resources for how to be a successful Background Actor.

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