How to Stand Out to Casting Directors

MAY 20, 2024
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Whether you are newly onboarded or have been working as a Background Actor for years, you're likely looking for ways to stand out to Casting Directors. Here are some tips for what you can do to show Casting Directors you're prepared, professional, and ready to get on set.

Update your online profile

One of the best ways to show you're a professional Background Actor is to keep your Central Casting online profile up to date with your accurate sizes and appearance details. Our Casting Directors use the information in your online profile when booking their shows; if you have incorrect or incomplete fields, you may be missing out on roles you're perfect for.

Accuracy is especially important for sizes. Your measurements are used when casting Stand-Ins and Doubles and when production provides wardrobe. If your sizes are incorrect, you may not fit the clothing provided, which causes delays and other issues on set. Our measurements tutorials can help you learn how to take your sizes to ensure your profile has your accurate information.

Upload current photos

Your profile should always have a current headshot and full body shot. These photos do not need to be taken professionally, but you should have a friend or family member take your pictures so you are framed and lit correctly. Profile photos with your face clearly visible and that are well-lit, in focus, and taken against a while or solid background help Casting Directors determine the types of roles you can portray.

Uploading additional unique and distinct photos can also help Central Casting see your different looks. For your profile, Casting Directors recommend a current headshot, full body shot, a casual, business, and formal look, then 1-2 photos of unique looks or costumes you own. We do not need multiple photos of you in the same look or different angles of the same look. These only clutter your online profile and make it harder for Casting Directors to find the photo they need to cast their projects.

Read the entire post or message

Whether you are replying to a casting message or submitting on our Jobs page, it's extremely important to read all the information fully and respond honestly. We know our Background Actors are excited to get on set, but responding as available or submitting when you don't fit the description doesn't help you or the Casting Director.

Another great way to stand out is to always respond to messages as soon as possible, even if the answer is that you're unavailable. And don't worry, responding as unavailable has no impact on future availability inquiries you may receive. Casting Directors prefer that you respond as unavailable over not answering so they know whether they need to reach out to additional Background Actors.

Show up prepared and on time

A great way to set yourself up for success is to arrive to work on time. Remember, it's your responsibility to get your call time changes. Instructions on how to get your call time changes will be included in your details.

Most of the time, you will be instructed to arrive to set camera ready with your hair done, wardrobe on, and makeup applied as outlined in your booking details. Productions are on very tight schedules; arriving to set on time as expected will ensure you are ready to work when production needs you.

Pay attention on set

During filming, Background Actors are usually directed by Assistant Directors. Follow the instructions given and remember your movements so you can replicate them for multiple takes. Being alert and attentive on set lets Casting Directors know they can count on you to be professional.

If you're interested in Stand-In work, paying attention and following directions can catch the AD's attention if they need to upgrade a Background Actor to a Stand-In on set. Upgrading Background Actors to Stand-Ins is based on the needs of production; do not ask to be upgraded, they will let you know if they need a replacement.

Want to learn other ways you can stand out to Casting Directors? Our articles are another great tool to find out about the industry and stay up to date with what's happening at Central Casting. We provide valuable information on managing your online profile, how to book a job, and many other resources for how to be a successful Background Actor.

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