Profile Management

When you register with Central Casting, you create an online profile where you can manage your availability, update your photos and contact information, and respond to job inquiries in our online self-service system. Our Casting Directors use your online profile to consider you for background acting, stand-in, double, and other types of roles.

If you previously registered with Central Casting before the launch of our online self-service system, a profile has already been created for you. To access your information, please claim your profile using the email address you have on file with Central Casting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Profile Management

Being Booked

  • I’m going to be late or need to cancel. What do I do?

    For Georgia call 404.920.8011.
    For Louisiana call 504.684.2550.

    When cancelling, please give us enough notice to replace you.

  • How do I submit for work?

    Casting Directors will contact you directly when you fit the look or requirements for a role. Be sure to completely fill out your online profile and add additional photos in different looks so Casting Directors can consider you for a variety of roles.

  • Is there a guarantee of work?

    No, there is no guarantee of work because the needs of our production clients change every day. Due to the nature of background acting, Central Casting can never offer full-time employment to any of the talent (i.e., you) it employs.

  • Why am I unable to reply to an availability message?

    Casting Directors may only accept responses for a certain period of time and your message may have expired. If the message has expired and we’re no longer accepting submissions for the role for which you were contacted, you will see a page that explains this when you try to respond.

  • How do I know you received my response?

    After you respond to a message, you will be sent a notification detailing your response and confirmation we received it.

  • What does “checking your avail” and “first avail” mean?

    When you hear these phrases, it means a Casting Director is prepping a scene for a future work date and is checking your availability. If you are available, please mark your calendar to limit work conflicts. “First avail” means that the Casting Director cannot hire you until production looks at your picture submission and approves the look. It’s typical not to get this information until the day before the shoot.

    If you are offered another job on the same day, we ask that you give us the courtesy of the “first right of refusal.” Just let us know so we can inform our show. They may option to offer to hire you first. You are still able to be hired elsewhere if we are unable to confirm a booking for you.

  • How do I get my details?

    The Casting Director will give you your booking information, which usually comes in the form of a Details Blog. You will enter a show name (which may be different than the name of the project) and a 4-digit passcode given to you by the Casting Director. Access your booking information by going to the My Details page.

  • What happens if I miss a call from Central Casting?

    Please do not call back until you have checked your voicemail to ensure the Casting Director did not leave specific instructions. If you do not get a call back, assume you are no longer needed.

  • What is a rush call?

    Rush calls are for immediate same-day work, usually to replace a “no show” on set. If you’re booked as a rush call, you may need to get to set as soon as possible. Please read rush call job posts carefully before submitting to ensure you fit the requirements.

  • Why have I not been contacted for work in a while?

    Our Casting Directors book Background Actors based on the needs of production. Be sure to fill out your profile thoroughly and accurately so Casting Directors know the types of roles you can portray. You can also check our Jobs page for work opportunities.

For technical support, please contact 855.500.2055.