How to Get Cast with Your Hairstyle

JUNE 18, 2018
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There are many factors Casting Directors consider when casting their projects, including deciding if you have the right hairstyle for the role. Depending on the production and what you’re booked for, you may also be responsible for coming to set camera ready with your hair already styled. From getting cast to showing up to set, here’s what you need to know about getting booked with your hairstyle.

What to look for when submitting

In their posts on our Jobs page, Casting Directors may include the specific hair lengths or styles they’re looking for. These styles may reflect the time period of a project or the look of a principal actor who a Stand-In or double has to mirror.

Like all the information in their posts, these specs are important and you should be honest about your look. If your look has changed or if it’s been awhile since you’ve updated your photo, be sure to let the Casting Director know of any changes in your appearance. To ensure you have the correct look for the role, they may ask you to send a recent selfie with your submission. We recommend updating your photo every six months or anytime your look changes.

What is a modern hairstyle?

When reading through the Jobs page, you may see posts that say “no modern hairstyles.” This usually means Casting Directors are casting for a period piece or that their project is shooting a flashback.

What is a modern hairstyle? Highlights, ombre, balayage, or unnatural color dyes are usually considered modern. Contemporary braids, weaves, and extensions can also make your look too modern for a period piece. Specific haircuts can be hard to flag as exclusively modern because, like fashion, hairstyles from previous eras come back, though often with an updated look. Basically, if it looks trendy, it probably won’t pass for a period show.

When you submit, Casting Directors will determine if your hair works for the role. Remember, they are casting based off the look the show is trying to achieve, so even if you think your hairstyle could pass for the 1970s, it may not reflect the look of the project.

Does hair length matter?

In addition to color and style, Casting Directors may also be looking for certain hair lengths. Again, this may be because they are trying to realize a certain look or match the style of a principal actor. In some cases, if you are willing, you may be asked to get a haircut on set to achieve the desired look.

The job posts may have very specific length requirements for the role or have more general descriptions, like short, medium, or long. This is another case where Casting Directors will likely ask you to send a current selfie with your submission.

How to create your look

When you’re booked, the Casting Director will tell you how to get your details, which will likely be in the form of a Details Blog, via our Details page. It’s extremely important to pay close attention to the details so you know the type of look you need to create.

Need inspiration on how to style your hair? One of the best resources is this project itself. If you’re booked on a TV show, look through episodes that have aired to get a feel of the show’s general style. If you aren’t clear on what your style is supposed to be, call your Central Casting office for clarification. It’s better to ask than to show up to set with the wrong styling.

When you’re cast, you will also likely need to come dressed or to bring your own wardrobe to set. We’ve got you covered with some tips on what dress codes mean and how to put together the perfect 1980s or 1990s looks.

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By Meghan Dubitsky

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