Essential Guide to Central Casting Payroll

FEBRUARY 25, 2019
Central Casting payroll.

Wonder what to do once you get your voucher? Need to request a stop payment on a check? We want to make sure you get paid accurately on time, so we’ve put together a guide with everything you need to know about Central Casting payroll.

When you register with Central Casting, we become your employer and, for most projects, are responsible for paying you. Sometimes Background Actors, Stand-Ins, and doubles are cast by Central Casting, but paid by a different company. You’ll know you’re being paid by us when your voucher says Central Casting and/or our parent company Entertainment Partners.

How do Background Actors get paid?

When you work on set, you’ll be given a voucher to fill out, which Central Casting will use to pay you. Please fill out your voucher completely by including your full legal name, Social Security number (at least the last four digits), and your complete address.

If you’ve worked before, we know it can be tempting to only fill out parts of your voucher or write “on file” instead of all your information. Our paymasters pride themselves on getting your check to you as quickly and smoothly as possible; you can help them by including all the necessary information on your voucher.

Paychecks are due to be mailed out on the Thursday after the week you worked, but can be mailed earlier depending on when production turns in the vouchers. Want more tips on how to fill out your voucher? Check out our article, What Background Actors Need to Know About Getting Paid.

What is a bump?

When you’re reading our job posts or while on set, you may often hear the term “bump.” A bump is money added to a Background Actor’s base wage for doing something beyond basic background in a scene. Bump amounts are determined by a variety of factors and can be given for things like wearing full body makeup, working with smoke, or getting wet in a scene.

Sometimes you know you’re getting a bump when you’re booked by a Casting Director and in some cases, you may be given a bump on set. Either way, make sure the bump is reflected on your voucher before you sign it at the end of the day. Here are some must-have tips from our paymasters on bumps.

Where can I find my W-2?

Entertainment Partners makes tax season easier by allowing Background Actors to access and get support for their W-2s online. Just register or log in to your account on EP’s website to get your W-2s and for access to how-to guides, support videos, and FAQs. You can learn more about your W-2 and tax changes in our article How to Access Your W-2.

If you have payroll related questions about your tax form or need to make a change, just fill out and sign our inquiries and corrections form and return it to the email address or physical address listed.

How do I request a stop payment?

Stop payments can be made for checks you never receive, checks that are lost or damaged, and for stale dates. If you need you request a stop payment, you can do so by filling out our stop pay/reissue request form and return it to the address listed on the form. Remember, Central Casting payroll processes checks as vouchers come in from production, so you may receive checks out of work date order. If you receive a check from a later work date first, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the check from an earlier date is lost.

If you have questions or are concerned about a missing check, you can contact the payroll department from 6am-6pm PT Monday-Friday at 855.500.2055.

How do I change my address with payroll?

Our casting and payroll departments store information separately, so if you change your address with your local office, you also need to update it with payroll. You can update your address with payroll by signing up or logging in to myEP. It’s also important to update your address and contact information with casting, which you can do by logging in to your online profile.

Want to know more about Central Casting payroll? Check out the Payroll FAQs on your location’s Talent page for all the information you need on getting paid.

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