SmartVoucher for Background Actors

We are excited to introduce SmartVoucher, Central Casting’s new digital voucher platform. If you have not yet logged in to our online self-service platform, visit our Log In page to learn how to access your profile. You will need to log in to your online profile to access SmartVoucher if used on the production you are booked to work.

How to access your SmartVoucher. If you have not claimed your online profile, you will need to claim it order to access SmartVoucher. Visit, click log in, then choose claim profile.(click image for more information on SmartVoucher)

What do I need to do at my call time?

You do not need to take any actions with your SmartVoucher prior to or at your call time.

Do I need to complete the forms sent to me/appearing in my dashboard every day I work?

Yes, as some of the forms are project/work date specific.

Do I need to upload my ID documents before a work date?

No. Central Casting has already obtained and validated your start paperwork. If not, you will be asked to complete on paper on set.

Will I receive a separate SmartVoucher for any non-filming day events?

Yes, you will receive a unique SmartVoucher to review and e-sign for each Job type you perform (i.e. Pre-employment Covid Test, Fitting, Interview, etc.).

I don’t have a login for my online profile. How can I review my SmartVoucher?

First, you must claim your profile by clicking the “log in” button in our website menu and choosing the “claim profile” option. Once claimed, you will be able to log in to review your SmartVoucher.

How do I change my tax withholding information?

Please visit myEP for more information on updating any payroll information.

Do I need to add my meal/allowances/adjustments to my voucher?

No, production will input this information as the day progresses.

Can I see changes made to my SmartVoucher in real time?

No, the on-set production representative will fill out your SmartVoucher throughout the workday then send for you to review at wrap. Be sure to raise any queries with production in person before leaving set.

When should I receive and review my SmartVoucher?

Production should be sending you your SmartVoucher to review immediately at wrap. You should review and e-sign your voucher while still at the production location, so any disputes can be raised and resolved in person.

Do I have to e-sign my SmartVoucher while on set?

We suggest you review your SmartVoucher while still on set, so you have the opportunity to raise any questions in person with the production staff that completed your voucher.

How do I access my SmartVoucher without going through the email link?

Log in to your Central Casting online profile and select the “Job Review” option in the blue toolbar on top.

How can I access forms after I’ve e-signed them?

Upon request, Central Casting can provide you the signed copy of a form.

Can I undo the e-sign checkbox?

Once the e-sign checkbox is selected, it cannot be undone.

My SmartVoucher says approved, but I never approved it. What happened?

After production sends your SmartVoucher for review, you have 24 hours to approve or raise queries. After 24 hours, your SmartVoucher is deemed approved and sent for processing.

Will I be emailed a copy of my SmartVoucher?

No. For your security, you will always be required to use your unique login to view your SmartVoucher. You can print a copy at any time by selecting the “Export” button.

How do I access my past SmartVouchers?

Log in to your Central Casting online profile and select the “Job Review” option in the blue toolbar on top.

Can I access copies of my paper vouchers through my online profile?

No. Your online profile will only contain copies of SmartVouchers. Paper copies are not uploaded.

How can I track any changes made to my SmartVoucher?

Once you have received a SmartVoucher for review on a job, any changes made will create an updated version. You can view all versions from the dropdown menu within a job review.

What if something is missing or incorrect on my voucher?

We suggest you review and raise these concerns while on set for the quickest remedy. If you are unable to review until you get home, select “raise a query” from the review page and you may type your question for production there.

My login isn’t working. How can I get help?

You can contact technical support Monday-Friday 6am-6pm PT at 855.500.2055,, or tech support chat.