Be a Successful Background Actor in 2024

JANUARY 1, 2024
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Ready to hit the ground running in 2024? As we begin the new year, this is a great opportunity to make sure your profile is up to date and brush up on your background acting skills so you’re ready to get booked and be a successful Background Actor.

Update your online profile

Your online profile is one of the best tools you can use to get booked by Central Casting. Our Casting Directors use the information in your profile when booking their shows; the more accurate information you include, the easier it is for them to determine the types of roles you can portray. This is a great time to review the information in your profile, update anything inaccurate, and fill in fields you may have missed.

One field many Background Actors miss is “playing age” in the Key Information section. If you do not make a selection in this field, you will not show up when Casting Directors search for specific portrayable age ranges. We know you may be able to portray a wider scope of ages than the ranges provided, but rest assured, our casting staff select multiple ranges when searching for Background Actors.

Another section to be sure to verify are your measurements. Your sizes are used for a variety of reasons, like when booking Stand-Ins and doubles and when production provides wardrobe. If you don’t have these details in your profile or if they are inaccurate, you may be missing out on roles you’re perfect for. Not sure how to take accurate measurements? Check out our easy-to-follow tutorial videos on our Measurements page.

While you’re updating your profile, it’s a good idea to double check your contact information, like phone number, email, and address. Also check this information with our payroll department at myEP as we store information separately. If you have not logged in to myEP before, you can access with the same email and password associated with your Central Casting online profile.

Take new profile photos

Keeping your profile updated with photos of your current look is key to getting work with Central Casting. We recommend updating your photos anytime your look changes. This helps give our Casting Directors confidence they’re considering you for work based on how you look right now.

In addition to a current headshot and full body shot, you can also add photos of you in costumes you own, specialty wardrobe, and in unique looks. When uploading additional photos, Casting Directors prefer quality over quantity. Helpful photos to have in your profile include a casual, business, and formal look, then 1-2 photos of unique looks, like a uniform you own or a period role you can portray. Casting Directors do not need to see multiple photos in the same or similar look, these only clutter your online profile. When uploading photos, don’t forget to choose a slot (category) to classify your pictures. This helps Casting Directors understand the look you’re trying to portray and helps them find your photos in searches.

Your profile photos do not need to be taken professionally, but we do recommend having a friend or family member take them to ensure you are framed and lit correctly. Your profile photos should only feature you, be well-lit and in focus with your face clearly visible, and be taken against a white or solid background. Do not upload photos that are edited, touched up, or include filters; these do not accurately reflect your look and cannot be used to consider you for background work.

Any time you upload new photos, don’t forget to remove any outdated ones. If you have too many photos in your profile, especially photos that show a conflicting appearance, Casting Directors cannot determine which look is current and cannot use these photos when booking their shows.

Brush up on your background acting skills

Has it been a while since you’ve been booked? Want to learn how to get camera ready for set? Our articles section has a ton of great resources to help you succeed as a Central Casting Background Actor. Here are a few to get you started:

Here’s to a successful 2024! Be sure to bookmark our Jobs page and refresh yourself on the messaging process so you’re prepared to get booked by Central Casting.

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