4 Tips for Optimizing Your Minor’s Online Profile

APRIL 8, 2024
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Want to help your minor get work as a Background Actor or double with Central Casting? Here are some tips for how to optimize your minor’s online profile to help them get booked and on set.

1. Update your minor’s sizes

Sizes are a crucial part of the casting process and are used often by our Casting Directors, like when casting minor doubles and when production provides wardrobe. Children can grow quickly, which is why it’s important to update your minor’s height, weight, and sizes as they change. This helps give our Casting Directors confidence they’re considering your minor for the right types of roles.

To update their sizes, log in to their profile, open the “Appearance” section, and fix any incorrect information. While you’re updating their sizes, it’s a good idea to check that other appearance details, like hair color and length, are still accurate.

2. Upload current photos

After updating your minor’s profile information when their look changes, don’t forget to also upload a headshot and full body shot that reflects their current look. These photos don’t need to be professional, but should be well-lit and clear, not include other people or touch ups, and (if possible) be taken against a solid or white background. Our profile photo guide has all the information you need to take the perfect profile photo of your minor.

You can upload new photos in the “Photographs” section of your minor’s online profile. During the upload process, you may notice multiple slots (categories) you can use to classify their photo. They do not need a photo for every slot, these are just a way to categorize pictures in their profile, which makes it easier when Casting Directors search for current looks or specific photos. It’s incredibly important to also delete photos that no longer represent your minor’s current look. Not only do these outdated photos clutter their profile, but they make it difficult for the Casting Director to determine your minor’s actual look.

3. Add skills and props

Depending on the role, a production may opt to hire minor Background Actors who have experience with the action in a scene, like jumping rope or playing basketball. By adding your minor’s skills to their online profile, you can help Casting Directors find them when booking these types of roles. Just remember, your minor will be expected to convincingly portray these skills on camera, so please be honest when adding this information and responding to messages.

Adding props you own and your minor has access to is another great way to optimize their online profile. You never know when something like a baseball mitt or clarinet can help your minor get booked.

You can add your minor’s skills and props in the “Casting Information” section of their profile.

4. Obtain or renew minor’s work permit

One of the most important aspects of your minor’s eligibility for work is a minor’s work permit, which Central Casting must have on file to consider your child for work. The process for obtaining and updating minor work permits varies by state.

In Los Angeles and New York, remember to always bring a tangible photocopy of your minor’s work permit to set. You will need to show this every time your child works. In Georgia and Louisiana, Central Casting will secure a work permit for your child. Be sure to read all communications from the Casting Director as you will often need to submit documentation to us to complete this process. You can learn more about permit requirements in your location by reviewing our Minor’s Permit Guide.

To learn more about getting your minor booked as a Background Actor with Central Casting, check out What Parents Should Know About Kids Casting and How to Help Your Minor Be Successful on Set.

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