A Refresher on Finding Work With Central Casting

NOVEMBER 27, 2023
Behind the scenes of principal and Background Actors on The Rookie.
Central Casting Background Actors on The Rookie (ABC)

Our Casting Directors are excited to book our Background Actors and get you back on set of our productions. Whether you recently completed Talent Onboarding or haven't been on set in a while, here's a refresher on finding work with Central Casting.

Availability inquiries and other messages

If you fit the description for a role, a Casting Director may reach out with an availability inquiry, which will be sent as an email to the address on file, will appear in the inbox of your online profile, and often will also be sent as a text message. These messages are not offers or guarantees of work, Central Casting is simply asking if you are available and interested in working on that date or date range.

Casting Directors ask that you respond to these messages as soon as possible, even if the answer is "not available." We understand that you may be on set or unable to respond quickly, but we do ask that you always respond. You never know, maybe your response was the one the Casting Director was waiting for or additional spots may have become available.

Some messages may include follow up questions, like asking if you own specific wardrobe or to submit additional photos. Don't forget to answer these questions and submit any additional materials; the Casting Director cannot consider you for the role without them.

During the casting process you can also be sent booking, details, call time change, and follow up messages. Be sure to read every message carefully and always respond as instructed. With details messages, we need you to confirm you received them.

Submitting for work

Another tool Casting Directors use when booking roles is our Jobs page. In their posts, Casting Directors will include specific requirements for the role like portrayable age, portrayable ethnicity, hair color, hair length, sizes, SAG-AFTRA status (where applicable), work dates, and more. It's extremely important to read these posts fully and submit only if you fit the description. For example, if a post is seeking someone who can portray an African American woman between the ages of 25-30 and no taller than 5'5", you must meet all those requirements to submit. If you mostly fit the description, but you are 6'2", you should not submit. We know many of our Background Actors are eager to get booked and back on set, but submitting for roles you don't fit doesn't help you or the Casting Director.

Found a role you can portray? Each post will include detailed instructions for how to submit, which will usually involve sending an email with your name, contact information, and a specific subject line. Be sure to submit according to these instructions and include any additional materials requested, like a Stand-In resume or recent selfie.

Rush calls and replacements

As production ramps up, you will start seeing more posts and may be getting messages about rush calls and replacements. Rush calls are used to make replacements or additions for same-day work. Depending on call times, replacements can be made throughout the day and night, but are most common overnight and in the early mornings.

Whether responding to a message or submitting for a job, please read all the information given to you completely and be honest about your ability to make it to set by the required time. Some calls may require you to get to set as soon as possible with certain wardrobe or props. If you respond as available and the Casting Director reaches out to offer you the job only to find out you don't have the necessary wardrobe or you can't make it in time, that only delays them finding the right replacement for production.

We can't wait to get you back on set! You can catch up on other parts of working with Central Casting in our articles 5 Key Background Acting Tips and How to Prepare for Your First Day on Set.

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