How to Fill Out Your Minor’s Online Profile

OCTOBER 16, 2023
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Want to get your minor on the sets of movies and TV shows? At Central Casting, we book babies (must be at least 15 days old), children, and teenagers (up to 17 years old) to work as Background Actors and doubles on our productions.

If your minor isn’t registered with Central Casting, they will need to complete the Talent Onboarding process before we can get them on set. You can learn all about Talent Onboarding on your location’s Sign Up page.

If your child has already completed Talent Onboarding, you may be wondering how you can get them booked. One of the best ways you can help your minor be successful with Central Casting is to fill out their online profile completely and keep it updated with accurate details as their appearance changes. Now is a great time to add or update your minor’s profile information so they’re ready to get booked when production ramps up.


Current photos are an integral part of the casting process. We recommend uploading new photos of your minor any time their look changes. This helps ensure our Casting Directors always have an accurate representation of your child’s appearance. Photos don’t need to be professional, but should be well-lit and clear, not include other people or touch ups, and (if possible) be taken against a solid or white background.

You can upload new photos in the “Photographs” section of your minor’s online profile. During the upload process, you may notice multiple slots (categories) you can use to classify their photo. They do not need a photo for every slot, these are just a way to categorize photos in their profile, which makes it easier when Casting Directors search for current looks or specific photos.


Sizes are frequently used when casting both adult and minor roles. When looking for minor doubles, Casting Directors often need to find someone who matches the sizes of the principal actor. Having your minor’s accurate height and weight information helps determine which double roles they may be right for.

Sizes are also used when production provides wardrobe. In some cases, your child will attend a fitting before working on set, and in others, they may have to fit into clothing the wardrobe department already has.

You can add or update your minor’s sizes in the “Appearance” section of their profile. Casting Directors use these details when booking their shows; incomplete or outdated information may mean your child will not show up in searches for roles they could be perfect for.


Having a variety of wardrobe options helps Casting Directors determine the types of roles your minor can portray. Do they have a formal outfit? Do they have clothing for period looks or non-trademarked Halloween costumes? These are all great options to add to your minor’s profile so Casting Directors can find them when searching for specific looks. To add your minor’s wardrobe, open the “Casting Information” section, scroll to the “Wardrobe” dropdown, then choose from the most common looks or add unique clothing by choosing the “Other” option. Don’t forget to remove wardrobe that no longer fits your minor and add new looks as they get them.

Props and special skills

Does your minor play and own an instrument? Are they skilled in ballet? Have football gear they can bring to set? Props and special skills are other ways your minor can get booked by Central Casting. Props and special skills can be added in the “Casting Information” section of your minor’s profile. After selecting some “Other” options, a field will appear to type in additional information about your minor’s prop or skill level.

Please be honest when adding these to your minor’s profile. If your minor is booked based on this information, they will be expected to show up to set with that prop or convincingly portray that skill on camera.

Looking for more resources about minor background work? Read our articles What Parents Should Know About Kids Casting and What to Do When Your Minor Books a Job.

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