Getting Your Minor Prepped for Set

AUGUST 24, 2020
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It’s likely been a while since your child was booked as a Background Actor or double by Central Casting and parts of being with your minor on set may be a little different than you’re used to. As production prepares to resume filming, here’s what you should keep in mind so you and your child can have a successful day on set.

Know and update their correct sizes

Knowing your accurate sizes and measurements is important for Background Actors of all ages, but it’s especially important to keep minor’s sizes updated as they can change quickly as they grow. Casting Directors rely on measurements and sizes for many reasons, including casting doubles, when they need to find a minor who fits the height and weight of the principal child actor.

As filming resumes, you may find that you and your minor have less direct collaboration with some departments on set, like in wardrobe, hair, and makeup. While each production will differ, some shows may not provide as much wardrobe as they have in the past. When they do, it’s important that our Casting Directors have your minor’s correct sizes so they can consider them for the right types of roles.

Know your minor’s details

When your minor books a job with Central Casting, you will receive details from the Casting Director as a Details Blog or other resource. These details will include all the information you need to get your child ready for set, including their call time, call location, wardrobe instructions, category type, etc.

It’s extremely important to check for call times changes often to ensure you and your minor show up to set on time. We recommend checking your call time changes before you go to bed, when you wake up in the morning, and before you leave for set. Don’t forget to factor in time for travel, parking, and longer check-in procedures that could make you late.

Understand what’s expected on set

When your child is booked, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is not also booked on the production. If your production requires COVID-19 testing, the child and guardian who will accompany them to set will both need to be tested and that same guardian will need to be with them throughout their booking. Remember that, as always, only the child booked and their guardian are allowed on set; other children or guests will not be allowed.

Work permits

In order to be booked on our productions, your minor will need a valid entertainment work permit issued by your state. Each state has its own protocols around work permits and some may require a copy to be presented to an employer. If you are submitting your child for work through our Jobs page or are interested in work opportunities for your minor, please have the necessary materials ready to present to the Casting Director.

In Los Angeles submit a copy of the updated permit on our Minor’s Permit Update page. In New York, email a copy of the permit to

You can find more information on your state’s minor permit requirements here:

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By Meghan Dubitsky

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