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NOVEMBER 2, 2020
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If you’ve been on set recently, looked through the Jobs page, or kept up with our latest articles, you know there are changes to the casting process and being on set. We know you may still have questions, so here are some casting updates our Background Actors should know.

My look has changed, how can I update my photo and sizes?

From new hairstyles, to shifting sizes, to growing beards, many of us have changed our look in some way over the last few months. Our Casting Directors know your profile picture may not reflect your current look and will often ask for recent selfies to see what you look like right now. They will also seek submissions for specific sizes, so be sure to keep an eye on the Jobs page for posts that fit your measurements. If a Casting Director reaches out directly, please be honest and let them know of any changes to your look so they can confirm you still fit the requirements for the role.

Please see your Talent page for more information on size and photo updates.

How do I change my address with payroll?

You can change your address with payroll by visiting Entertainment Partners’ myEP portal and following the instructions to log in or set up your account. If you are registering for myEP for the first time, be sure to use the same email you have on file with Central Casting, which would be the email you used when registering online or in person for the first time or the one you used when you last updated your file.

Changes you make through myEP only affect payroll; to learn how to update your address with casting, see your location’s Talent page.

Remember, payroll information found on myEP is only for projects where you were paid by Central Casting. You’ll know you’re paid by us when your voucher says Central Casting and/or Entertainment Partners.

I just joined SAG-AFTRA. Can I update my status?

Yes, you can easily update your SAG-AFTRA status by filling out our online SAG-AFTRA update form.
Los Angeles Form
New York Form

How can I update my child’s work permit?

For your minor to be eligible to be booked by Central Casting, they will need a valid entertainment work permit. Every state has protocols around work permits and some may require a copy to be presented to an employer.

In Los Angeles submit a copy of the updated permit on our Minor’s Permit Update page. In New York, email a copy of the permit to

You can find more information on your state’s minor permit requirements here:

For more on the casting process and how to be successful, check out our articles A Refresher on Background Work Through Central Casting and Carrying Background: What You Should Know.

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