Why You Should Update Your Child’s Sizes

AUGUST 19, 2019
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Is your child registered with Central Casting? If so, you probably already know about work permits and how to find jobs, but are you aware of all the ways you can help your child be successful? One thing you can do to make sure your child is considered for the right roles, is to let us know when their sizes change. We recently released an online minor’s size form that makes it easier than ever to update your child’s sizes, height, weight, and other information.

Why are my minor’s sizes important?

Sizes are something Casting Directors frequently use when casting both adult and minor roles. When looking for minor doubles, Casting Directors often need to find someone who matches the sizes of the principal actor. Having your minor’s accurate height and weight information helps determine which double roles they may be right for.

Sizes are also used when production is providing wardrobe. In some cases, your child will attend a fitting before working on set and in others they may have to fit into clothing the wardrobe department already has. When your minor’s sizes are incorrect in our casting system, you may be losing out on roles they are perfect for.

We know children grow quickly and it can be tough to bring them to an Updates session as often as their sizes change. That’s why we created an online form where you can easily update your child’s clothing sizes, height, weight, and change their contact information. You can access the update form in the Re-Registration and Updates section of your location’s Kids page or click on your office location here:

This feature is currently only for minors registered in Los Angeles, Georgia, or Louisiana and will be available soon in New York. To update your minor’s sizes in New York, you can make a reservation for a minors registration session.

How can I update my child’s photo?

The photo your minor takes at registration is the main photo Casting Directors see when casting their roles, so it’s important to keep the photo up to date. Since a minor’s look changes quickly, we recommend updating their photo every six months. If you are contacted for a role, please let the Casting Director know of any changes to your child’s appearance that may not be reflected in their casting photo.

When taking submissions, Casting Directors may ask for a recent photo of your minor to verify that their current look fits the role they are casting. These photos should include your child’s face, feature only the child you are submitting, and be taken in good lighting.

What else can I do to help my child be successful?

One of the best ways to ensure a successful day on set is to know what’s expected of you and your minor. Each child booked must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is not also booked on the production. This guardian will be with the minor (off screen) during filming and will accompany them to wardrobe, Holding, and school (if applicable). Remember, only the child booked and guardian are allowed on set. Please do not bring other children or guests.

Being part of movies and TV shows is exciting, but please help your child be professional and understand that while being on set is fun, it’s also a work environment.

Our article, How to Help Your Minor Be Successful on Set has more tips on how to ensure both you and your child are prepared once you get booked on a production.

Register with Central Casting

Haven’t registered your child yet? Registering your minor with Central Casting is free and easy. The first step is to gather your child’s I-9 documentation. Then bring your minor to a Minors Registration session at one of our offices in Los Angeles, New York, Georgia, or Louisiana. Be sure to check your location’s Kids Register page before coming in as some of our offices require reservations.

You can learn more about registering your minor and their employment with Central Casting in our article How to Become a Background Actor – Minors.

Don’t forget to bookmark our new online minor’s update form so you can easily update your child’s sizes and other information.

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By Meghan Dubitsky

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