When Should I Re-Register and Update?

NOVEMBER 19, 2018
Re-Registration at Central Casting Georgia
Central Casting Georgia

Has it been a while since you registered or came to an Updates session? If so, it may be time for you to re-register. Here’s what you need to know about Re-Registration and Updates to ensure you stay active and eligible to be booked.


Everyone registered with Central Casting, including minors, will need to re-register every three years to be eligible to work on our productions. If you need to re-register, you can do so at one of your office’s Re-Registration and Updates sessions. Check your location’s calendar for Re-Registration and Updates times.

Re-Registration is only for those already registered with Central Casting. If you have not registered before, you will have to do so at New Registration Onboarding.


Though you must re-register every three years, you can still come in any time during an Updates session to take a new photo, add additional looks, and update your file. Be sure to check your location’s calendar and notices section for any closures, cancellations, or updates before coming to our office.

Photo updates

When you come in to register, we take a headshot and a full body photo of you for our casting system. These are the primary photos Casting Directors see when they look you up in our system and may be sent to Directors or other members of production during casting. This is why we recommend updating your photo every six months or anytime your look changes. Remember, every six months is our recommendation so Casting Directors know your current look, but you must update every three years to continue to be booked.

When you scroll through our Jobs page, you may see submissions asking for selfies. Casting Directors may ask for a selfie for a variety of reasons, including to see what you look like right now or to see you in specific wardrobe. While these selfies are helpful to the specific role the Casting Director is booking at the time, they are not added to your file and are not a replacement for your casting photo.

Additional looks

During Updates, you can also take additional photos to add to your file representing different roles you can play, such as business, formal, and swimsuit. Casting Directors can use these additional photos to help determine if you can portray the roles they’re casting. You can learn more about looks and how to figure out yours in our article How to Determine Your Look.

One of the important things to remember about additional photos is that you should only add unique and distinct looks. For example, if you want to add a business look, you only need to take one photo for that look and do not need to take photos in multiple outfits. Please do not bring any props, including prop weapons, with you when you come to our office to add additional photos.

File updates

While you’re at Updates, you can also make changes to your Central Casting file. Your file contains your contact information, sizes, SAG-AFTRA status, and other important details Casting Directors use when casting their roles. To ensure Central Casting can contact you for booking opportunities and so we can payroll you correctly, please update your file when your phone number, email, or address changes.

Your sizes are also an important factor in determining if you’re right for roles, so it’s important to keep these updated, even if you only go up or down one size. Casting Directors may need this information when casting Stand-Ins or doubles to make sure you can match the sizes of a principal actor. There are also cases where production will dress you and need to ensure you fit the wardrobe they have on hand.

Now that you’re ready for Re-Registration and Updates, find out other ways you can be a successful Background Actor by learning these 5 Key Background Acting Tips and avoiding these 7 Submitting Mistakes.

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