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5 Ways to Prepare for the New TV Season

Sunnyside is one of 2019’s new TV shows

Are you ready to get cast in this year’s new TV shows? Many network series are beginning production on their upcoming seasons, which means there will be many opportunities to get cast as a Background Actor, Stand-In, or double. Here are five ways you can put your best foot forward to get cast in 2019’s new TV shows.

1. Register online and make a reservation

If you want to be cast by Central Casting, you’ll need to register with us before you can get booked on set. Registration is free and easy. All you need to do is create a profile, complete the online registration process, then make a reservation to come to our office to fill out paperwork and have your photo taken for our casting system. Once you’ve visited our office and we’ve verified your eligibility, you’ll be able to submit for jobs.

Have you recently moved or do you split time between residences? You must register and attend a New Registration Onboarding session in each office you want to work in. So if you registered in Los Angeles, but have moved to New York, you will need to make a reservation for a New York registration session before you will be eligible to work in that location.

2. Check to see if you need to re-register

Everyone registered with Central Casting must re-register every three years in order to remain eligible to be booked on our productions. If it’s been more than three years or if you’re nearing that mark, come to a Re-Registration and Updates session at your local office to re-register and make sure all your information is up to date. Be sure to check your location’s calendar, as some of our offices require reservations.

If you are registered in multiple locations, you will also need to re-register in each location.

3. Come in to update your photo

It’s easy for our look to change, even in small ways that we don’t notice. That new summer hairstyle or your new gym routine can alter your look in ways that matter when Casting Directors are booking their roles. Even the tiniest details can make a difference, which is why we recommend updating your photo every six months or any time your look changes.

When you come in to update your photo, make sure to check that your sizes are up to date as well. Casting Directors use this information when they’re casting Stand-Ins and doubles or if wardrobe is dressing you on set.

4. Freshen up your selfies

When you read through a job post, you may notice Casting Directors asking for selfies. While the casting photo you take at registration is the main photo they see when casting their projects, Casting Directors may ask for a selfie to see what you look like right now or to see you in specific wardrobe. Don’t worry if selfies aren’t your thing, these don’t need to look Instagram ready, they just need to be taken in good lighting and must include your face.

In some cases, Casting Directors will ask to see a selfie of you taken that day, but in others the photo just needs to be recent. If you want to be prepared when postings pop up for new TV shows, you can take some selfies in different looks and wardrobe so you have them on hand when submitting to Casting Directors. Just remember to update your selfies often so they always reflect your current look.

5. Know the right way to submit

Casting Directors use a variety of tools to cast their shows, including sending text messages, calling Background Actors, and seeking submissions on our Jobs page. When Casting Directors post jobs, they’ll give specific instructions on what they’re looking for and how they want you to submit. To set yourself up for success, you should read the job post carefully and submit the way the Casting Director has instructed. We know you’re excited to get on set, but it’s worth it to take a moment to make sure you fit the role and are submitting the right way. Even something that seems small to you, like putting the wrong subject line, may mean that the Casting Director won’t receive your submission.

To learn how to submit like a pro, read through our guides How to Read a Central Casting Job Post and 7 Submitting Mistakes to Avoid.

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