How to Update: Profile, Union Status, Email, and More

SEPTEMBER 13, 2021
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If you’ve worked as a Background Actor with Central Casting for a while, you know keeping your information updated is a crucial factor in finding work and being successful. To help ensure we always have your most current information on file, here’s how to update key information with Central Casting.

Online profile

Updating your appearance, look, sizes, photos, and other casting information is easy with our online self-service platform. Having accurate sizes and appearance information is essential to getting cast as a Background Actor, Stand-In, or double. If you haven’t accessed your online profile yet, you can do so by clicking the “log in” button in our website menu and selecting “create new login.” If you registered prior to January 1, 2021, then select the “claim profile” option.

To learn more about how to update your online profile, see our article How to Claim and Update Your Central Casting Online Profile.

Union status

If you became a member of SAG-AFTRA and need to update your union status with Central Casting, you can do so by filling out our SAG-AFTRA update form. Our staff will review your information and proof of membership, then will update your profile.

If you have questions about joining SAG-AFTRA, you can learn more about eligibility and the process on their website. At Central Casting, we book SAG-AFTRA and non-union Background Actors, so when looking for jobs, be sure to read posts carefully to make sure you are submitting for a role you fit.

Email address

Your email address not only gives you access to your online profile, but is used to send you communications from Central Casting, including availability checks for background work. If you need to change your email address, you can contact technical support at 855.500.2055,, or though tech support chat.

Keep in mind, a Central Casting profile requires a unique email address. If your children are registered with Central Casting, each child will need an email address separate from their parent or legal guardian’s.

Contact information

While you will likely receive the majority of communications from Central Casting via email and your online profile, Casting Directors can use your phone number to call you directly or send you a text message. We also need your current address so we can pay you. Casting and payroll store information separately, so you will need to update your address in two places. For casting, you can update or verify that your phone number and address correct in the “contact information” section of your online profile.

Updating your payroll information is easy with, Entertainment Partners’ online pay portal. If you have already accessed your Central Casting profile, you can log in to myEP with the same email and password. If you have not logged into your online profile, you can sign up for myEP using the same email address you have on file with Central Casting.

Minor’s work permits

Once your child is registered with Central Casting, did you know it was possible for them to become inactive and ineligible to work? The most common reason this happens is when their work permit expires. States vary on how they handle minor work permits; you can learn more about your location’s requirements in our guide Ensure Your Minor is Eligible to Be Booked by Central Casting.

For more information on how to keep your profile, union status, and other information up-to-date with Central Casting, read through the FAQs on your location’s Talent page.

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