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Background Actor reviewing their booking details

You persevered, you called multiple times, had many exchanges with a Casting Director and now you are booked on a show. Congratulations! But now what? What is this web address they gave me? What do I do with the codes that were given to me? Where do I go and what do I need? It's all in your booking details, and we are going to simplify the process and break it down.

Central Casting's Casting Directors handpick the hundreds of background actors they book each day. At the time of the booking the Casting Director may tell you to expect a call later with your booking details or they will have them ready to go at that time. I'm sure we sound like broken record but you should always make sure to have something to write with when trying to get booked.

In the past Central Casting has provided booking details in a recorded message which we called the information or simply, the info tape. Who didn't love listening to an info tape several times and trying to write down all the important details. You probably listened to the tape three or four times, and then a fifth time just to double check. Background Actors, those days are gone!

We are currently transitioning our process to have these details easily available via a web address that you can access from your smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. Take a look at what you need to know.

How do I receive my details?

In most cases your booking details will be written out as a Details Blog, and accessible via a unique weblink. You go to the weblink, enter a 4-digit passcode, and then you will see everything you need to know for that day's booking.

There are four ways you can receive your booking Details Blog with its 4-digit passcode from your Casting Director:


1. Text

If you receive a text confirming your booking, providing you with a weblink for your booking details, remember to always first reply "YES" to your booking text message so that we know you have received your booking details. Select the weblink on your smart phone and it will automatically launch the Details Blog for the show you have been booked on. In your text message you will also see a 4-digit passcode. This will be different from the 4-digit call time change box. You will need to type in that 4-digit passcode on the webpage to get access to your booking details.


2. Phone call

Your Casting Director may call you to confirm your booking and at that time relay the weblink over the phone and the 4-digit passcode. Have a pen and paper handy to accurately write down the weblink and 4-digit passcode.


3. Call time change box

Alternatively, your Casting Director may call you to confirm your booking and give you a phone number along with a specific extension called a "call time change box" (note: in some offices this is just a phone number with no four-digit extension). Have a pen and paper handy to accurately write down this phone number. When you call it, you will hear a recorded message that will relay the weblink and the 4-digit passcode. Also, the recorded message will update you on any call time changes.


4. Email

In some cases, your Casting Director may send you an email to confirm your booking, providing you with a clickable weblink and the 4-digit passcode. Click on the link, enter the 4-digit passcode and you will have access to the Details Blog for your booking.

What's in the details?

Once you've successfully accessed your booking Details Blog, you'll see details regarding the show, the date of your shoot, Central Casting's standards of conduct and behavior, show notes, category types, changes and updates, call location and any other additional information and instructions to make your day on set successful. These details from your casting director will give you everything you need to be successful. Be sure to read it all, thoroughly.

Under Category Types, you may see several roles listed. Be sure to review the instructions for the role specific to the one your Casting Director assigned you.

Since the call time for your booking may change, under Changes & Updates you will find a Call Time Change Box phone number with a four-digit extension. Call this number before you go to bed and again when you wake up in case production has any changes. Any and all changes will be reflected on the call time change box only.

Background Actor reviews Changes & Updates in their Details Blog

Details Blogs tips and troubleshooting

Remember to text "YES" if you receive your booking confirmation and details weblink and 4-digit passcode via text.

Always make sure you write the website link and 4-digit passcode accurately if it's relayed over the phone. It's easy to misspell, so be sure to double check. There is always logic to the name of the weblink.

Upon arriving upon the weblink, when entering the 4-digit passcode to access the Details Blog, be sure you are entering the correct number. For example, do not enter the Call Time Change Box four-digit extension.

If using a desktop web browser, be sure to make sure the web browser is updated. The weblink may not work on old versions. If you're unsure or still having trouble, try typing the link into your webs browser or use your smart phone.

If you are accessing your booking Details Blog on your smart phone, the phone numbers listed are clickable to dial from your phone, and the address of the call location is also clickable to launch your map app and direction to your location.

Keep checking the Call Time Change Box phone number for any call time changes. You don't want to be late to set because the call time changed overnight.

As always, if you have any questions or confusions regarding your booking details, please call your Central Casting office immediately to clarify.

Want to know more about receiving texts from Central Casting? Check out our article Everything You Need to Know About Central Casting Texting or read through our texting FAQs.

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