3 Things to Know About Getting Cast

Find out how to get cast on shows like Lethal Weapon

Are you registered with Central Casting and ready to get to work? Whether you've been on set before or are trying to land your first job, you're probably wondering how to increase your chances of getting booked by a Casting Director. Here are some tips on how to get cast as a Background Actor.

1. Know where to find jobs

The best place to find all the latest roles we're casting is the Jobs page of our website. Casting Directors post jobs throughout the day and night. It's extremely important to read the entire post to determine if you can portray a role before deciding to submit. Casting Directors are often looking for specific looks, which is why they put detailed information like, portrayable age, portrayable ethnicity, SAG-AFTRA status, and sizes into their job posts. If you don't read the entire post, you may end up submitting for something you don't fit.

Reading job posts can be confusing, especially if you're just starting out. Check out our article How to Read a Central Casting Job Post to learn popular casting terms and what to look for in a post.

Availability List

Our Availability List is a tool you can use to let Casting Directors know you're available for work. If you work in Los Angeles, Georgia, or Louisiana and are not booked for the next day, but would like to be considered when additional roles open up overnight and for possible rush calls, send only your name and phone number in the subject line of an email between 7pm-9pm.

If you add your name to the Availability List, it means you are available to work the entire day the following day. Keep your phone close because you may get a call in the middle of the night or in the early morning when Casting Directors are making replacements, casting additional roles, or booking rush calls.

Here are the Availability List addresses:

Los Angeles

In New York, Casting Directors will reach out directly to Background Actors who fit the needs of any additional roles, replacements, and rush calls. Keep an eye on your phone for any opportunities that pop up!

2. Learn to submit like a pro

Once you've found a role you think you can portray, the next step is to submit. In their job posts, Casting Directors will include specific information on how they want you to submit, which may include sending an email or calling a phone number. We know it's exciting when you find a role you fit, but it's important to take the time to gather additional materials and make sure you're including everything the Casting Director needs before submitting. A big part of being a Background Actor is being able to follow directions, so following instructions in a job post lets Casting Directors know you're capable of following directions on set.

If you're submitting an email, you may be asked to send additional materials, like a selfie or Stand-In resume along with your submission. These help Casting Directors determine if you're right for that specific role and are not added to your file. If you would like to add additional photos or documents to your file, you can do so at one of your location's Re-Registration and Updates sessions.

3. Know where to access your Details

You found a role you fit, submitted like a pro, and got booked. Now you're one step closer to set! When a Casting Director books you, they'll tell you how to get your Details, which will likely be in the form of a Details Blog. To access your Details Blog, go to the Details page of our website and enter the show name (which may be different from the actual name of the project you're working on) and the 4-digit passcode given to you by the Casting Director. You'll also receive a Call Time Change Box number, which you should call for updates before you go to bed, when you wake up, and before you head to set.

Learning how to get cast as a Background Actor is just the beginning. Find out how to make the most of your time on set and the production crew members you should know.

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