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How to Register and Update in New York

Central Casting New York at 5 Penn Plaza

In April 2018, Central Casting New York moved into our new building at 5 Penn Plaza and on May 17, 2018, we’re opening our doors to register new Background Actors in New York. The office is easy to get to, just steps away from Penn Station and easily accessible from the 34th Street – Penn Station and 34th Street – Herald Square subway stops.

Due to security policies in our new building, you can only visit Central Casting when you have a reservation. Security will only allow those on the reservation list with photo identification up to our office on the 10th floor. This means you cannot bring friends or guests with you and only those intending to register or update will be allowed into the office.

How to register as Background Actors in New York

It’s easy to register at Central Casting New York. As part of our new online registration process, you will fill out an online portion then will make a reservation to visit our office to complete registration. The online registration process includes three steps:

  1. First, you’ll need to create a profile to use during the online registration process.
  2. After making a profile, you’ll be taken to the online portion of registration. Complete this step by filling out the necessary information.
  3. Then make a reservation to come to our office with your required documentation for your new hire orientation and onboarding to finish paperwork and take a photo for our casting system.
We are currently scheduling registration sessions 14 days in advance on these days:
  • SAG-AFTRA: Monday 1:45pm and Wednesday 11:45am
  • Non-Union: Tuesday and Thursday 10:15am and 2:45pm

Please note: sessions become available from the time an event starts, not at midnight on that day. For example, the Monday SAG-AFTRA session will become available for reservations at 1:45pm 14 days before the date you want to schedule.

If you don’t see available sessions, keep checking back as new sessions become available every day and spots open due to cancellations. You will not be eligible to be booked until you come to our office and successfully complete registration.

Have questions or need help with the online registration process? You can either email or leave a message on our toll-free helpline at 855.500.2055.

What to bring

Any time you visit Central Casting you must bring a photo ID that matches the name you reserved your spot under. This is so security can verify your identity before allowing you up to our office.

For registration, you must bring your required I-9 documentation. We cannot register you without these documents, even if you’ve arrived on time to your scheduled reservation.

Here are some resources to read through on required I-9 documentation:

If you are a member of SAG-AFTRA, please bring your current SAG-AFTRA card or the receipt issued to you by SAG-AFTRA.


At this time, the online registration process is only for adults. To register minors as Background Actors in New York, a parent or legal guardian will need to make a reservation for a Minors Registration session then bring their child and their child’s required documentation to their reserved session. At our office, you’ll listen to an orientation, fill out paperwork, and your minor will take a photo for our casting system.

To be booked by Central Casting, minors must have a valid work permit on file. When you and your minor come in for registration, please bring their valid one year child performer work permit.

A parent or legal guardian must accompany the minor to registration. In addition to your child’s I-9 documentation, you will also need to bring your photo ID to show security when you arrive for your session. Remember, the name on your ID must match the name you used to schedule the reservation.

Each child you wish to register must have their own reservation, but they can have the same parent or legal guardian accompany them. We can only accommodate children who intend to register and their parent or legal guardian. Guests or other family members without a reservation will not be admitted into our office.

How to attend Re-Registration and Updates

Everyone registered with Central Casting, including minors, must re-register every three years to be eligible to work on our productions.

Has it been awhile since you’ve come to our office to update your photo or file? We recommend updating your casting photo every six months or any time your look changes. You can make a reservation to re-register and update during one of our Re-Registration and Updates sessions held on Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:45am.

Remember, you must bring a photo ID that matches the name on the reservation in order to be admitted to our office.

For more information on Re-Registration & Updates, check out or article When Should I Re-Register and Update?

Now that you’ve reserved your spot to register with us, you’re on your way to becoming part of Central Casting’s community of Background Actors in New York. Read through our Starter Guide to Background Work to learn more about what happens after registration and to prepare to book your first job.

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