How to Claim and Update Your Central Casting Online Profile

JANUARY 18, 2021
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Now that our casting platform is live across all of our offices, we’re excited to show you all the benefits of claiming and updating your Central Casting online profile.

When you registered with Central Casting, a profile was created for you, but you did not have access to view or edit it. Our casting platform gives you the ability to keep your appearance, sizes, contact information, photos, and other details up to date so our Casting Directors can find you in searches for roles you fit.

Claim your online profile

Before you can edit and update your profile, you must first claim it by following the instructions sent to the email address on file with Central Casting or by selecting the “log in” option in our website menu and choosing “claim profile.” Enter the email you have on file then follow the instructions to reset your password.

You should receive password reset instructions shortly, but if you don’t, check your junk or spam folders, then try resending the email via the claim profile page. If you still do not receive a password reset or you no longer have access to the email address on file with Central Casting, please contact technical support at or 855.500.2055.

Update your information

Once you’ve claimed and logged in, you can update your information by selecting the “profile” option in the menu and clicking on your name/photo. Here’s a breakdown of what you will see in your profile:

Availability calendar

On desktop, your availability calendar will appear on the right side of your profile. On mobile, select the “calendar” button underneath your photo to expand the view. Tap a date once to turn green for available, then tap again to turn red for unavailable. Any dates booked through Central Casting will automatically appear on your calendar.

It’s important to keep your calendar updated so our Casting Directors know when you are available and interested in working. Like with availability inquiries, changing your calendar status does not guarantee work, just lets our casting team know you are available.

Key and contact information

These sections contain your address, phone number, email, portrayable age, emergency contact, and other important information. Please review these sections to ensure everything is correct. The email address field is not editable; all email changes are handled through technical support.


If you’ve worked with Central Casting before, you know having accurate sizes and appearance information is key to getting cast as a Background Actor. By filling out this section completely and accurately, our Casting Directors can consider you for roles that require your look and measurements. If you’re not sure how to figure out your correct sizes, check out our easy to follow videos on the Measurements page.

Casting information

Here you can add skills, experience, wardrobe, and props to your profile. At Central Casting, we book a variety of background roles and you never know when a piece of wardrobe or skill will make you perfect for a role.

If you have Stand-In experience, you can upload your Stand-In resume via the upload feature at the top of the section. Resumes should include: the name of the project you worked on, how long you worked on the project, the name of the actor(s) you stood in for (or if you were utility), and if the project was single or multi-cam.

Vehicles you own

Do you have vehicles you own and are willing to work with? Be sure to add them to the vehicles section by selecting the type, make, model, color, and year. While we continue to add more options, if you do not currently see details for your vehicle, like the right model, fill in as much information as you can. Don’t forget to upload vehicle photos in the photographs section.


While the photo you take at Central Casting is your main profile photo (which you cannot remove), we encourage you to upload additional photos of your current look, in wardrobe you own, and of other looks you can portray. These photos should only feature you and be taken in good lighting against a solid (preferably white) background where your face is clearly visible. Please do not upload photos with filters, touch ups, or other effects as they do not accurately represent how you look.

You can also add photos of vehicles and pets you are willing to work with. When uploading these types of photos, make sure they are pictures of your actual car or pet and accurately represent what they look like. You can find examples of the types of photos we are looking for in our photo guide.

For more online profile resources, FAQs, and how-to videos, visit our Profile Management page.

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