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A Look Back at 2018

Central Casting staff

It’s been a great year for Central Casting, in large part because of all our background talent who have worked with us and came to our offices to register and update. A lot of exciting things happened in 2018, many of them, like reservations and Details Blogs, were designed to help make your lives a little bit easier. With the end of the year approaching, we thought we’d take a look back at all the things that made 2018 memorable.

We introduced Articles

Central Casting started off 2018 by launching our Articles section, designed to bring you the latest news and updates from all four of our offices and to give you valuable information on how to submit for jobs, when to re-register, and all the production terms you need to know.

Our articles also help connect you to our more than 93-year history by sharing the story of how we were founded in 1925 and what it means to be straight out of Central Casting.

There’s a lot we want to share with you in 2019. Stay tuned for a new article every week with announcements on new features and tips for how to be a successful Background Actor.

It’s easier to find jobs

As registered background talent with Central Casting, we know you want to get on set of movies and TV shows, so we made is easy to access all the roles we’re casting on our Jobs page. This page is easy to access from the desktop and mobile menu of our website and features all our latest job posts in a clean and easy to read format. No more slogging through the clutter of social media to find roles you’re perfect for.

You can access your Details online

If you’ve been a Background Actor for a while you know all about getting booked and calling an information tape to get your details. You may have frantically written down wardrobe notes and call times and even called multiple times to make sure you heard everything the Casting Director said. Not anymore!

This August, we debuted our Details Blogs, which simplified the way you get your details. When you receive details from a Casting Director, you’ll be given a show name (which may be different than the actual name of the project you’re working on) and a 4-digit passcode to enter on the Details page of our website. Now it’s easy to access and re-read all your call information and wardrobe notes so you can ensure you show up to set as expected and ready to work.

In addition to your show name and 4-digit passcode, the Casting Director will give you a Call Time Change Box number. The Call Time Change Box will be updated with any call time changes, so you should check it before you go to bed, when you wake up in the morning, and before you leave for set.

You can learn more about our Details Blog in our article It’s All in the Details.

Enhanced SMS messaging

Our SMS texting feature allows Casting Directors to directly text Background Actors to check their availability for future work dates. We’ve continued to make enhancements since the original release in 2017 to help our Casting Directors and Background Actors communicate more effectively. This year we added the ability for Casting Directors to ask follow up questions and to have the entire conversation appear in the same thread. This helps you keep track of different roles and work dates in case you receive texts from multiple Casting Directors.

When we launched our Details Blogs, we enhanced our text messages to better communicate your show name and 4-digit passcode. If you receive your details over text, don’t forget to reply “yes” to the text message.

Reservations for registration and events

In 2018, we rolled out a reservation system for Background Actors to reserve a spot for certain events and registrations in each of our offices. In Georgia and Louisiana, reservations made it easier for background talent to attend Central Casting University classes and Visiting sessions. Instead of sending an email and waiting to hear if they got in, registered Background Actors could instantly make a reservation for these events. Then, when we launched the online registration process, those who completed the online portion could make a reservation to visit our office to complete registration.

When Central Casting New York moved to 5 Penn Plaza in April, we made reservations available for registration, Updates, and any events that were held at our new office. Instead of lining up early, anyone who wanted to register for the first time or update their file could reserve a spot on our website. Then all you had to do was bring your photo identification and required documentation to your reserved registration or Updates session.

After seeing how much easier it was for Background Actors to visit our New York, Georgia, and Louisiana offices, Central Casting Los Angeles began rolling out a reservation system to alleviate the long lines people face when visiting us in Burbank. Whether you want to register for the first time, attend a Central Casting University class, or chat with Casting Directors at Visiting, you can save time and have peace of mind by making a reservation on our website.

The registration reservation process is different in each office, so be sure to read through our guides on New York reservations and Los Angeles reservations.

We launched the online registration process in Georgia and Louisiana

To finish off a great year, we launched our new online registration process in Georgia and Louisiana. This new process includes three steps: creating a profile, completing the online portion of registration, and coming to our office with your required documentation. That’s it! It saves time and gets you one step closer to set. If you want to be a Background Actor in Georgia or Louisiana, our online registration guide has all the information you need to get started in these offices.

Are you trying to register as a Background Actor in Los Angeles or New York? Online registration will be coming soon to these locations. Until then, you can reserve a spot for a registration session.

Thank you to all our background talent who made 2018 such a success. We look forward to making 2019 just as great!

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