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Everything You Need to Know About the After Hours Availability List

Use the availability list for background acting work

Already registered and looking for jobs? There are multiple ways for you to find background acting work through Central Casting. Our After Hours Availability List (previously known as the availability list) is a way for Background Actors to let Casting Directors know you’re available and ready to work. Here’s what you need to know about the new process for submitting your availability.

The After Hours Availability List is only for our Los Angeles office. If you work in New York, Georgia, or Louisiana our Casting Directors will reach out to you directly to check your availability. You can also look for rush calls, replacements, and other background opportunities on our Jobs page.

What is the After Hours Availability List?

Have you checked the Jobs page throughout the day and haven’t seen a role you fit? Or maybe you submitted for a few roles, but haven’t heard from a Casting Director. If you have tried all methods to get work, but have not been booked, you can try submitting your name to the After Hours Availability List.

The After Hours Availability List is a resource Casting Directors use when additional roles open up overnight, when making replacements, and when filling rush calls. If you choose to submit your name to the After Hours Availability List, it means you are free to work without restrictions the entire day the following day. Without restrictions means that there are no possible conflicts that would prevent you from working during any time that day.

How do I put my name on the After Hours Availability List?

You can add your name to your office’s After Hours Availability List by filling out the availability form on our website during the designated times. You can access the form from the How to Get Work section of your location’s Talent page or by clicking the "after hours avail list" button on the Jobs page.

If you submit the availability form on Monday night, your name will be added to the list for Tuesday. If you submit the availability form on a Friday, your name will be added to the After Hours Availability List for Monday and you will be given the option to indicate your availability for Saturday and Sunday.

The availability form can only be accessed during the designated submission time between 7-9pm. If you do not see a submission form, check back during that time.

Tips for adding yourself to the After Hours Availability List

Double check your information before you send it

It’s important that the information you submit is correct. Please take a minute to proofread your name and phone number before you submit the form. We have multiple people with the same name in our casting system, so Casting Directors will use your phone number to look you up when casting their projects.

Have your phone with you

If you’ve added your name to the After Hours Availability List, please be sure to have your phone near you. Often, when Casting Directors are booking rush calls, they need someone to get to set quickly. If you’re available, but don’t answer your phone, you could miss out on that job.

Make sure you’re available the whole day

Just like when Casting Directors ask for your availability through text message, if you submit to the After Hours Availability List, you must be available and willing to do background acting work for the full day.

Register with Central Casting

You must be registered with Central Casting to do background work and to submit to the After Hours Availability List. Registration is free and easy! The process is different in each office, so be sure to check your location’s Register page and gather your required documentation before coming to a Registration session.

Now that you know another way to get cast, find out what else you can do to become a successful Background Actor by making the most of your time on set and learning what Casting Directors look for in submission selfies.

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