What to Do When You Get a Text from Central Casting

APRIL 30, 2018
Background Actor getting a text from Central Casting

Casting Directors have many tools available to casts their shows, one of them is our SMS messaging feature. Whether you’ve been booked through text multiple times or just registered and are learning the system, take a look at these common questions Background Actors have so you know what to do the next time you get a text from Central Casting.

What do I do when I get a text message from Central Casting?

The first rule of texting with Central Casting is to always answer the text. We know that you may be on set or may be unavailable to answer the moment you get the message, but you should always try to answer as soon as possible.

Our system is designed to only receive “yes” or “no” responses. The response is not case sensitive so you can reply “YES” or “No” and the message will go through. What you can’t do is reply “Yes, thank you!” or “I’m sorry, no.” While we appreciate the sentiment, the system will prompt you to only answer “yes” or “no.”

What if I don’t see a message until hours later?

You should still respond as soon as you see it. The Casting Director may still be casting the scene. You never know, your response could be the one they’ve been waiting for.

Casting Directors will often check availability for a later date and may not be sending photos to production or details to Background Actors right away. So don’t assume you’ve missed out on the job because you couldn’t answer right away. If you answer and the job is already filled, you may get an auto response stating that the Casting Director is no longer accepting submissions for that role.

What do I do if I get two availability messages for the same day?

You can, and should, reply to every text message you receive, even if it’s for the same work day. You are not booked until you accept an offer for work and receive details.

Casting Directors recommend keeping track of text messages you receive in a personal calendar or notebook. This will help you remember what days you’re available, what you’re first avail for, and what jobs you’re waiting to hear back on. Just like when you receive details over the phone, when you get a text from Central Casting, you should write down the name of the Casting Director, the name of the project, and the possible work dates. This way you have all the information ready if you need to call our office with questions.

Can I change my answer if my availability has changed?

Yes, there are two ways to let us know if your availability for a work date has changed. If you’ve only received an availability text from Central Casting, then you can simply text back “yes” or “no” to change your answer. You can only respond to the last text message you receive, so if a Casting Director sent you a follow up message, like asking if you have specific wardrobe, you can no longer text back to change your availability.

At this point, or if you are first avail on a project, you must call the Casting Director to let them know you can no longer work on that production. It’s extremely important to call as soon as your availability changes.

When in doubt if you should text back or call to change your availability, it’s always better to call to make sure the message is relayed to the Casting Director.

What if I got booked on two shows for the same day?

Getting cast on two productions for the same day is called a double booking. If you get double booked, you must call Central Casting immediately to work it out. Please be prepared when you call with the projects you are booked on and by which Casting Directors.

This is where keeping a personal calendar or notebook with your dates helps. As soon as you get booked on a show, you need to let the other Casting Directors who you’ve texted with know that you are no longer available for that work date.

If I haven’t heard back from a Casting Director, does that mean I’m not booked?

You may receive a text from Central Casting because Casting Directors are sending photos to production or because they’re casting for a later date. If you haven’t heard back from a Casting Director, it could just mean that they’re waiting to hear back from production. Remember, you’re not booked until you accept an offer for work and receive details, so you can still look for other jobs during this time. If a Casting Director contacts you with a job offer, or with additional questions, please contact them if you’re offered other work so they can try to get an update on their project for you.

Want to know more about our SMS messaging feature? Check out our article Everything You Need to Know About Central Casting Texting or read through our texting FAQs.

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