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Become a part of Central Casting’s legendary database. Get booked on movies and TV shows. It’s free and easy to get started.

Step 1


Get ready

Prepare your minor’s I-9 form documentation required for registration.

Step 2


Come in

Bring your minor and required documentation to the next registration session at our Los Angeles office. There you’ll complete paperwork, an orientation, and your minor will take a photo for our database.

That’s it. Now your minor is able to submit for jobs.

220 S Flower Street
Burbank, CA 91502
(between Olive and Alameda)

Tuesday 3pm

* Check our Calendar for closures and cancellations

Registration is for new SAG-AFTRA and non-union minors. Minors can also come in during this time for updates.

Registration FAQs

Required Documentation

The Department of Homeland Security has issued an updated form I-9 that went into effect on January 22, 2017. This version requires minors (individuals 17 or under) to meet the same requirements as adults regarding the documents they can present for form I-9. Per the Department of Homeland Security, a list C document alone is no longer valid. Adults and minors are both required to either present one original unexpired List A document, or, an original unexpired List B and List C document combination. If presenting a List B document to an E-Verify employer (Central Casting), the employer can only see List B documents that include a photo. Per Federal Law, Central Casting is not permitted to register anyone, minor or adult, who does not have the required documentation.

The non-photo ID options in List B do not apply to minors pursuing employment with E-Verify companies.

Those without required documentation (unexpired originals only, no photocopies) to accompany the I-9 form will be turned away.

Must bring identification showing date of birth for the Age Verification form.
All minors ages 17 and under must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. Homeland Security permits only the parent or legal guardian to fill out the I-9 form.
Your minor does not need a work permit to register with Central Casting, but in order to be considered for work, each minor will need an entertainment work permit issued by the state of California on file with Central Casting.
Please bring your minor’s current SAG-AFTRA card/receipt issued by SAG-AFTRA with you to registration.
Pets cannot be accommodated.
Registration is approximately two hours. We do not recommend arriving more than 10 minutes early to our minor registration.
Free street parking or take the Metrolink to Burbank-Downtown.

Registration with Central Casting is a privilege, not a right. We respectfully reserve the right to refuse registration to anyone.

Central Casting is a participant in the E-Verify program. We will provide the Social Security Administration (SSA) and, if necessary, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with information from each new employee’s I-9 form to confirm employment authorization. Note: If the government cannot confirm that you are authorized to work, we are required to provide you with written instructions and an opportunity to contact the SSA and/or DHS before taking adverse action against you, including terminating your employment.

  Minors registered with Central Casting

How to get work

Already registered? Bookmark this page to help your minor get booked on set.

Work Step 1

Call the work lines or check our Job Posts.
You may also receive a text message* from Casting Directors checking your minor’s availability.

818 . 260 . 6100

818 . 260 . 6110

Non-Union Male
818 . 260 . 6120

Non-Union Female
818 . 260 . 6130

* For more information read our SMS messaging FAQS

Work Step 2

If your minor fits the description

Call the number or email the address given on the recorded line or job post.

Give only the first five digits of your minor’s Social Security number, your minor’s last name, name of the show, and the name of the Casting Director who placed the job post.

Work Step 3

If your minor gets the job

Call 818.562.2966 and enter the four-digit tape number given to you by the Casting Director.



June Visiting canceled

  • All June Visiting sessions are canceled. Visiting will resume its normal schedule in July. Check our calendar for updates.

Closed for July 4th

  • July 4: We will be closed to the public for the Fourth of July.

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Job Posts

Refresh Job List

MINOR Rush Call
Works TODAY, June 19 in LA

Jimmy is looking for Caucasian looking girls who are between 9 - 12 years old. Must be between 4'3 - 4'6 and have brown hair.

Call 818-562-2790 and press 750
... See MoreSee Less

Minors Submissions
Union or Non Union Submissions
Age Groups - 9-12 years old
Works in Pasadena on Monday, June 18

Jimmy is looking for boys and girls who are between 9 - 12 years old who are between 4'4 - 5'1 to portray low income students at a public school in South Side Chicago. You must have an active work permit that you can bring with you to set.

Call 818-260-3919 to submit.
... See MoreSee Less

Lauren is taking submissions for a show working Wednesday 6/20 through Friday 6/22. We are only taking submissions for 18tly – males, females, any ethnicity, and must look 18tly.
**MUST have your own ice skates and MUST know how to skate, since this will be on ice. You will be skating.**
The rate will be $148.
To submit, please send your name and number with the subline “LP Minor skate” to Please also include your experience with ice skating.
... See MoreSee Less

Minors Submissions
Work Dates are Tomorrow, June 12 with possible recalls 6/13 - 6/15 and then 6/19 - 6/21
Works in Burbank, LA, or Malibu

Jimmy is looking for kids between the ages of 9 - 13 for the following sizes to be stand ins for a movie:
Boys who are between 4'10 - 5'0 and between 65 - 80 pounds.
Girls who are between 5'4 - 5'6 and between 65 - 80 pounds.

Send a current photo of your son/daughter to and put the word STANDIN in the subject line
... See MoreSee Less

SAG AFTRA and NON UNION submissions

Dawn is currently takign submissions for a TV show working in Simi Valley tomorrow 6/6.

She is looking for a 10 year old boy with GLASSES.

If you would like to submit please call 818-260-3968.
... See MoreSee Less

Lauren is taking submissions for a pilot working this Thursday 6/7 in LA. We are looking for females who appear Asian looking and between ages 10-14. MUST either be out of school currently or homeschool.
To submit, please send your name and number with the subject line “LP Minor” to
Please specify if your child is out of school or homeschool.
Thank you!
... See MoreSee Less

Claire is taking submissions for Caucasian looking twin girls ages 14-18tly (to appear 15 years old). If you know identical twin girls who can portray age 15, please have them contact me at This is for work in Mid June to early July. Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

Works in Burbank 6/6 & poss 6/7
Ages 6-10yo
Must be under 4’5”

Nikki is looking for Ice Hockey Players W Gear.

You will need all your own gear as well as be able to play. Works in Burbank. Boys, any ethnicity welcome. Must be registered w Central Casting and have a valid work permit. If this is you and you would like to submit, please call 8182603928. Thank you!
... See MoreSee Less

Children need an entertainment work permit issued by the state of California to be hired by Central Casting Los Angeles. You can find more information on our website.
... See MoreSee Less

Check out our new "Jobs" page on our website at - All of our job posts from our casting directors can be found here in an easy to read format.Check it out and and keep watching as we roll out additional features to this page. ... See MoreSee Less

Minor Rush Call
Works TODAY, May 29 in Downtown LA
Call time is ASAP
Must be registered with Central Casting

Jimmy is looking for Caucasian looking 9 or 10 year old girls to portray a wedding guest.

Call 818-562-2790 and press 750
... See MoreSee Less

MINOR TWIN CASTING - working mid to late June.
Claire is looking for 2 sets of Identical Twin Girls to play the younger version of twin characters at age 9 and age 15. Caucasian looking female twins with brown hair (or willing to have hair dyed to match). Must be able to obtain a valid entertainment work permit and appropriate IDs for the I9 form, prior to being hired. Please send a current photo of each twin separate and together to Also include names, contact info, age and height.
... See MoreSee Less

Union or NU Submissions OK
Ice Hockey Players with equipment/skates
Elana is taking submissions for 10-12yo Boys of all ethnicities that have some Ice Hockey experience as well as pads, skates and a hockey stick. This is tentatively scheduled to work on 6/5 and possibly 6/6 in the Los Angeles Area (probably Culver City or Burbank). You must either be registered with CCLA already or be able to come in for I9 paperwork (with a photo ID) prior to the work date if you're selected. If you'd like to be considered please email a current photo as well as one in your hockey look, along with Kids name, Guardian name and best contact number to, please use HOCKEY in the subject line. If selected the boys will need valid work permits!!
... See MoreSee Less

**Must be registered with Central Casting**
Work Date TBD in Los Angeles, CA

Kate is looking for Caucasian appearing females in the 7-9 age range. This is for a project where the minor will be required to sit still for periods of time. Please submit your contact information and current picture to:

Subject Line: Scanning Project
... See MoreSee Less

Work Date: Friday, June 1st
Location: Studio City

Your child does not have to be registered with Central Casting.

Mindy is looking for Asian looking twin babies who are between 1 to 3 years old. Must be willing to obtain entertainment work permit prior to the work date.

To submit, please send:
- a current photo of your children
- your name and contact info

Send your submissions to

... See MoreSee Less

Monique is looking for female babies 9-12 months for a photo shoot.


Please send current picture and sizes to:
Please put Baby in subject line.
... See MoreSee Less

Union and Nonunion submissions
Must be registered with central casting.

Must have open availability from NOW until NOVEMBER.

Sarah Beth is taking submissions for Toddler GIRLS with strawberry blonde hair who can portray ages 2-4. This is for a tv show in the Los Angeles Area. Girls must be okay having their hair possibly cut and possibly temporarily dyed. This is for a higher rate of $250. Twins are welcome as well as long as they look alike.

If this is your child please submit a photo of your child, childs name, your name and contact info to
... See MoreSee Less

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Regularly check this calendar for the Central Casting Los Angeles office.

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Central Casting cares about your minor’s success. Our Background Actors have the opportunity to interact with Casting Directors, meet other Background Actors, and learn from industry professionals. Check the Calendar for our latest community events.


At our visiting sessions, a different panel of Casting Directors will answer your questions and give you valuable insight into the casting process and tips to be successful on set.

SAG-AFTRA Visiting
1st and 2nd Thursday of the month 9am

Non-Union Visiting
3rd and 4th Thursday of the month 9am

Central Casting University

Central Casting Los Angeles offers two classes, The Professional Background Actor and The Stand-In, for Background Actors who are active and eligible to submit for work. You will have the opportunity to hear from and participate in a Q&A with an industry professional guest speaker.

The Professional Background Actor

Whether you’re seasoned or a first-timer, attend this class to polish your skills and learn from the industry’s leading experts in directing Background Actors.

The Stand-In

This class provides an overview of Stand-In work, including valuable information about the technical part of the job. An industry expert will answer your questions and help you prepare for your next Stand-In role.

Community FAQs

No, you do not need to RSVP, but seating is limited to the first 75 people. Doors open at 2:40pm. In order to keep the public sidewalk clear, please do not line up prior to 2:30pm.
Do not attempt to give headshots or resumes to the guest speaker or Casting Directors. University classes and Visiting are for informational and enrichment purposes only.
The classes are free for Background Actors who are registered with Central Casting, are active, and eligible to submit for work.
Central Casting University classes are for educational purposes and are designed to help you be successful on set. Attending a University class has no impact on the hiring process.
Some guest speakers offer to stay after the class has ended to answer questions. It is up to them whether to stay and for how long.
No, Central Casting University sessions are reserved for classes only. You can make changes to your minor’s file during update sessions on Tuesdays at 3pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being Booked

Once you receive your minor's work details, they're officially booked.

It's important to write down your minor's work information so you're prepared when you head to set.


If your minor is working on a non-union voucher call 818.562.2799. If your minor is working on a SAG-AFTRA voucher call 818.562.2700. If you cancel, we ask that you give us enough notice to replace your minor. PLEASE NOTE: You may not cancel via text message. You must call our office.
No, there is no guarantee of work because the needs of productions change every day. Due to the nature of background work, Central Casting can never offer full-time employment to any of the talent (i.e., your minor) it employs.
This means casting is prepping a scene for a future date and is checking your minor's availability. If you do confirm availability, please mark your calendar to limit conflicts. Your minor becomes "first avail" (first available) for that show. Typically in these situations, casting will not be able to hire your minor until the show looks at their picture submission and approves the look. After that, they will usually not release any booking until late afternoon the day before the shoot.

If your minor is offered another booking on the same day, we ask for you to give us the courtesy of the "first right of refusal." Just let us know so we can inform our show. They may option to offer to hire your minor first. Your minor is still able to be hired elsewhere if we are unable to confirm a booking for them.
The Information tape will have all your minor's booking details. Call 818.562.2966 and enter the four-digit tape number or call the direct number given by the Casting Director at the time of booking. Write down the show name, who booked your minor, where and when to report, to whom you report, and any wardrobe information. Certain shows or Casting Directors may provide additional information via email or a wardrobe blog. Please review all provided information to ensure your minor is ready for work when you arrive to set.
Our work lines are available 24/7. Check the lines often, as the Casting Directors update them throughout the day.
Always check your voicemail. Do not call back until you have checked your voicemail to ensure the Casting Director did not leave specific instructions. If no message was left, wait and see if you receive a call back. If you do not receive a call back, assume your minor is no longer needed.
Rush calls are for immediate same-day work. This is usually to replace a "no show." When you respond to a rush call, you may be required to get to the set location within an hour or less after being booked.

SMS Texting

Casting Directors may choose to reach out to you via SMS messaging. In addition to checking availability, Casting Directors will now be able to send follow up messages, and in some cases, details through text message.
All messages from Central Casting will be personalized with your minor's name (as it appears in our system), reference the project name, and all replies will appear in the same thread.
Central Casting is now using SMS text messages to check availability, ask questions related to the call or booking and/or provide preliminary details. The message format may look like this:

Example SMS message
Our Casting Directors will review the responses and then reach out to any Background Actor selected to be booked. If you are not selected, you may not hear from anyone. As always, you know you are booked when you receive your details.
When a Casting Director asks if you are available without time restrictions, they want to know if you are available to work the whole day, even if the location or time were to change. For example, if you know you are not available between 1-2pm, you would answer: No.
Yes, you are responsible for finding work and letting Central Casting know when your minor is available to work. Casting Directors work independently to meet the needs of their productions, so once your minor is booked, you are also responsible for them not becoming double booked.
Yes, please respond to each request you receive. If a Casting Director books your minor for a specific role, it is your responsibility to decline any other offers to ensure they're not double booked for the same day.
When we receive your message, we send you a quick confirmation text message, like the following:
  • "(Your Name), Your "YES" response has been received. Thank you. Remember, you are not booked unless you receive your details."
  • "(Your Name), Your "NO" response has been received. Thank you."
  • "(Your Name), Please respond only Yes or No."
  • "(Your Name), Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting submissions for this role."
If you didn't receive a confirmation response, please send your response again. Please note: the system is engineered to only accept a YES or NO response.
If you don't hear back from a Casting Director with booking details, you are not booked. However, given the volume of roles they are booking, please be patient as it may take them some time to respond.
Yes, simply reply to the original message with either a Yes or No response. If you receive multiple messages in the course of a conversation with a Casting Director, you will only be able to change your response to the most recent message. Please note: after you have received your details and are booked, you must follow the appropriate procedure if you need to cancel. You cannot cancel via text message.
Role details may or may not be communicated via SMS text message depending on the production. If your minor is booked, you will be notified where you should go to learn their full booking, wardrobe, and location instructions. These instructions might include an info tape, email, and/or wardrobe blog.
Yes. Though your minor's details may be provided to you via SMS text message, their full booking, wardrobe, and location instructions may still be available as part of an info tape, wardrobe blog, or email from the Casting Director. Please review all materials to ensure that you understand what will be expected of you when you arrive to set.
Your minor is not booked unless you accept an offer for work and receive details.
Thank you for your response. Sending a "Yes" response tells the Casting Directors that you are interested and available to work, but does not guarantee that you will be booked. Depending on the casting volume, you may not hear back.
Please send your response again.
Central Casting will use a variety of numbers to reach you. Once you receive a message from a Casting Director about a specific project, all follow up questions and replies will appear in the same thread.
Unfortunately, our texting numbers are only formatted to send outbound text messages and receive a Yes or No response.
In order for our system to read your response and provide it to the Casting Directors, we need to limit the text to only Yes or No.
Casting Directors sometimes don't receive call times until the last minute, so we are asking you if you are available for the full day. If you are only available for part of the day, please reply No.
Some Casting Directors and productions may provide additional instructions with a wardrobe blog or similar resource. Please review any materials provided to ensure that you will be ready for work.
If for whatever reason a URL isn't working, write down the URL and attempt to enter it directly into a web browser.
Not all carriers and phone service providers handle SMS messages in the same way. Some carriers, like Sprint for example, may split long messages. Unfortunately, when this happens, there is no guarantee the split message will arrive in a predictable order.
No, the messages are only in English.
We are sorry for the inconvenience. Most likely your mobile number was previously owned by someone registered with us, or provided to us inadvertently.
As an employee of Central Casting you provided your mobile number to us so that we can contact you about jobs for which you would be a potential match. However, if you no longer want us to reach out to you via text message, please call Central Casting and request that your number no longer be used for text messaging.
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On Set

Once your minor has booked a job, they are ready to get on set!

A guardian must always accompany a minor on set. It's important to show up on time and camera ready. When you and your minor arrive, check in with your contact and get your minor's voucher.

Your time on set will vary, but a typical day lasts up to 12 hours. Your minor is an important part of the production, please ensure they are professional and have a good attitude on set.

Be sure to read our article What to Do When Your Minor Books a Job for everything you need to know about being on set.


It is critical that you write down all work information. If you lose your information or if you have any questions regarding work information call 818.562.2700.
If your minor is working on a non-union voucher call 818.562.2799. If your minor is working on a SAG-AFTRA voucher call 818.562.2700. If you cancel, we ask that you give us enough notice to replace your minor. PLEASE NOTE: You may not cancel via text message. You must call our office.
Have your minor's work permit and school work ready to show the teacher. Bringing homework is required, even if the minor is home schooled.
You will be on set with them, behind the scenes. Please stay within your designated area and do not interfere with production. Be prepared to accompany your minor when they go to wardrobe, set, and to school.
Another guardian (21+) must accompany the minor.
Another guardian (21+) who is not working on the show must accompany the minor.
Do not bring anyone to set who is not working, including other children.
The four-digit call time change box number will be included in the info tape recording. You can access the info tape by calling 818.562.2966. It is your responsibility to get call time changes for each booking.
Roles change from set to set, but often Background Actor's main contact is the 2nd Assistant Director (2nd AD) and Production Assistants (PAs).
When your minor is not required on set, you both will be taken to a holding area or to the school area. You can bring items to the holding area to keep busy while your minor is not working.
During designated meal breaks, craft services will provide food. Please eat breakfast before you arrive. Guardians, please allow all minors to get their meals before you get yours. Do not ask craft services for food outside of your designated meal times. If your child has special dietary needs, please bring food to set with you. It is not production's responsibilty to supply specialty food. You are allowed to bring snacks to eat throughout the day.
If you are injured on set, you must report it to the Assistant Director and/or medic immediately.
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Central Casting handles both casting and payroll services. When your minor registers with Central Casting, we become their employer and, in most cases, are responsible for paying them.


Checks are due to be mailed on the Thursday after the week your minor worked. They may be mailed out earlier depending on when the production company turns in the complete and accurate vouchers.
No. At this time, we do not have the resources for checks to be picked up. Paychecks are handled in a security area with 24-hour surveillance and delivered by our bonded driver to the post office directly. Paymasters do not have access to your paychecks.
The checks are sent first class mail. While you will receive most checks within 2-3 business days after they are mailed, there are times when it could take longer through the federal mail system, particularly during holiday periods.
Checks are not mailed out in order of work date. Before we can cut a check, the production reviews and completes the voucher, and production companies vary on how often they process and send in the vouchers.
Yes, there are many people we payroll with the same or similar names. You will need to put your minor's Social Security number on each voucher so we can correctly identify who we should pay. Your minor's voucher will either be delayed or not processed if we are unable to identify who worked.
For payroll inquiries, please call 800.562.2718. Representatives are available Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.
You may change it on your minor's voucher when they work or you can fax us a change of address in writing with the following information: your minor's name, Social Security number, new address, signature and date of request. You must update your minor's address with both payroll and casting, as we store information separately.
You can either fax or mail us your stop payment request. You will need to specify in writing that you are requesting a stop payment and include your minor's name, Social Security number, address and signature, along with the work date and show name for the check you are missing. If the net of the check is over $150, you will need to sign a bank form supplied by our department and have your signature notarized before we can place a stop payment. For your convenience, we have a notary available free of charge by appointment only. You can set up an appointment by calling 800.562.2718 between 8am-5pm.
Five business days for current year checks, longer if the check was cut in a prior year. We are unable to reissue a check that has been stop paid until after we have received confirmation from the bank that the stop payment was successful.
Call 818.955.6313 or send your request in writing to our payroll department either by fax or through the mail. Be sure to include your minor's name, Social Security number, address, and the year(s) they worked. You will also need to state whether the request is for your own personal records or to enable your minor to join SAG-AFTRA. SAG-AFTRA will only accept faxes sent directly from our payroll department certified by our manager.
For employment verification, call 818.955.6313. This is an Entertainment Partners line; they will be able to provide employment verification.
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You can come in anytime during minors registation to add photos and make profile updates. It's important to keep your minor's file current so Casting Directors know their look and details. Here are 7 Times You Should Update Your File.

Updates are held on
Tuesdays 3pm


A digital photo of your minor can be taken in our office when you come to update their profile. If you would like additional photos added to your profile, bring the photos to an update session. Only hard copies of photos will be accepted. We cannot accept discs, CDs, or memory sticks. Photos submitted will not be returned.
You can change their status during update times. You must present your minor's identification along with their current SAG-AFTRA card or receipt issued by SAG-AFTRA and fill out a data change form.
If you would like to update or change any information you can do so during the update times.
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