How to Manage Your Online Availability Calendar

JANUARY 25, 2021
Add and manage your availability in your online calendar.

Our online self-service platform is filled with great features to help you get booked and on set of your favorite productions. One of the highlights our Background Actors and Casting Directors are excited about is the online availability calendar. You are now able to indicate your availability and see the days you’re booked by Central Casting from your online profile.

To access this feature, you must first claim your profile by selecting the “log in” option in our website menu and choosing “claim profile.” Then enter the email you have on file with Central Casting and follow the instructions to access your profile. For more information on claiming and logging in, see the Profile Management page.

What is an availability calendar?

The online avail calendar gives Background Actors the ability to specify when they are available and interested in working. This is a supplemental tool that should be used in addition to your own schedule keeping methods. It is still your responsibility not to become double booked and to contact Central Casting to cancel or change your first avail status.

Where can I access my calendar?

When you’re logged in to your online profile, you can access your calendar by choosing the “profiles” option in the main menu, then selecting your name/photo. On desktop, the calendar will appear in your profile on the right of the screen, underneath your picture. On mobile, click the “calendar” button below your photo to expand the view.

How do I use the avail calendar?

Updating your availability is easy. Just tap on a date to turn it green for available and tap it again to turn red for unavailable. On your end, that’s all you need to do to manage your calendar. Don’t forget to update your availability as time goes on and as it changes.

Tap a date once for available and twice for unavailable.

You may notice updates to your calendar as you reply to messages from Casting Directors. If you respond that you are available for a certain date, that date may turn yellow. When this happens, don’t worry, other Casting Directors can still see you in searches and send you messages. A yellow box on your calendar in no way prevents you from being messaged or booked by another Casting Director on a different project.

With our online self-service platform, you cannot change your availability by sending a different response. If you need to change your availability, please call your Central Casting office. As always, if you are on first avail and your availability changes or you are offered another booking, you must call Central Casting to update your Casting Director. You can learn more about first avail in our article, First Avail: Everything You Need to Know.

When you are hired by Central Casting, the date for which you are booked may turn blue on your calendar. This does not stop you from becoming double booked, which is why we recommend keeping track of work dates and first avail dates on a personal calendar. If you do become double booked, call Central Casting as soon as possible to resolve. All messages from Casting Directors are available in the inbox of your online profile (click the envelope icon in the menu to access). This a great way to check which dates you responded available for and your booking status.

For more information, read How to Claim and Update Your Central Casting Online Profile and check out our Being Booked FAQs. Keep an eye on our Articles section as we debut new guides about how to update your online profile and get booked using the online self-service platform.

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By Meghan Dubitsky

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