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Central Casting Louisiana’s New Office

Central Casting Louisiana located in Benson Tower

It’s an exciting time for Central Casting Louisiana! We just moved into our new offices in Benson Tower and are now in Suite 2280 on the 22nd floor with Entertainment Partners.

While we settle in, we have canceled registration through December 20, 2019 and will hold limited registration sessions over the Holidays. We will return to our normal registration schedule on Thursday, January 2, 2020. Keep an eye on our calendar for updates.

What you need to know about the move

For Background Actors, other than visiting our new suite, not much will change when you come to Central Casting. When you make a reservation for an event, please read through your confirmation email for any special instructions you need for your reservation.

We are ramping up for a busy 2020! It’s a great time to visit our new space to register, re-register, and update so you’re ready to be cast in our productions.

New Registration Onboarding reservations

It’s easy to register as a Background Actor at Central Casting Louisiana. Before coming to our office, we ask that you complete the online registration process by following these simple steps:

  1. First, you’ll need to create a profile to use during online registration.
  2. After making a profile, you’ll be taken to the online portion of registration. Complete this step by filling out the necessary information.
  3. Then make a reservation to come to our office with your required documentation for New Registration Onboarding to finish paperwork and take a photo for our casting system.

Registration reservations open exactly seven days from the time an event starts. So don’t worry if you want to make a reservation for a later date and it shows as “unavailable.” Check back seven days before the event starts and reservations will be available.

Want to register your child? We register babies from 15 days old to teenagers 17 years old to work on movies, TV shows, and other productions. Our article How to Become a Background Actor – Minors has everything you need to know to get your child on set.

Re-Registration and Updates and other event reservations

Re-Registration and Updates sessions are typically held at 1pm Monday-Thursday. All registered Background Actors must re-register every three years to be eligible to work for Central Casting. You can re-register, take a new photo, or make profile updates by going to our calendar, selecting the Re-Registration and Updates session you’d like to attend, and clicking the reservation link.

We occasionally hold Visiting and Central Casting University where you can meet with Casting Directors and leading industry professionals. These events also require reservations, which can be made by visiting our calendar. Haven’t had a chance to attend a Central Casting University class? Check out the Assistant Director category of our Articles section for tips straight from the people who direct Background Actors on set.

An exciting 2020

It’s been a great year for Central Casting Louisiana. We have multiple projects still in production and are looking forward to announcing new ones in the coming months. During our move, casting will continue as usual, so be sure to check our Jobs page and respond to messages from our Casting Directors.

Want to know more about Central Casting? Find out what it means to be on first avail and how to be successful on set.

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